3-Niti (part 9)

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 -  I don’t like to talk with different metalware, - Vadik said scornfully, - at the most, I trust a toaster to prepare peace of bread, and a coffeemaker to make coffee and only under my supervision! And your artifical intelligence is not different from any other. When did toasters begin to have creative thinking?
It seemed that Vadik heated up.  3-NITI fend in its usual phlegmatic manner:
 - Toasters don’t really need to have singularity thinking, they have to assemble people thoughts on every subject and distribute them on the shelves of their memory, and put vector’s tag on every thought. When it’s necessary to answer to an opponent they only need to extract thought and change it a little bit. So Vadik, people say that everything we do, or say, or sing and compose, someone else already did, said, sang and composed before. That is why, there is a chance that somewhere in the world there is one more Vadik which stands in his kitchen and explains to bread slicer that he doesn’t trust it to cut not only bread but even  French loaf.
Vadik stubbornly continued in the same direction:
 - Listen, don’t overact, I admire your knowledge of human nature, but tell me the truth, can it happen that when robots will become independent they decide to get rid of mankind? As soon as robots will learn to reproduce themselves, they won’t need people any more! Someone will forget to switch off a light in the restroom and cross the limit of patience and as the result he’ll get cyanide in the glass of brandy or in the cup of coffee?                                      

3-NITI answered imitating a sigh:
 - Everything can happen. Lend me your guitar.
And the robot thrust its hand. Vadik saw that their conversation wouldn’t  have continuation gave his guitar to the robot. 3-NITI fretted guitar’s strings several times and then sang the first song in its life.

          Little, little people are afraid to live,
          People have to make
          Bombs, rockets, tanks and planes
          All of these with the purpose of defence.
          Years are passing and weapons are covering with dust,
          People are worrying that they won’t need all of these things.
          We need a reason to use weapon,
          We've worked so hard, should we throw all the weapon away?

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