3-Niti (part 8)

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Before it was packed again in the backpack 3-NITI opened its breastplate and took from it 2 small teardrop shape things and gave them to the kids.
I know what it is! These are earphones, I used the same earphones when I passed my history exam! - Sasha said and carefully put earphone in her ear. Pasha did the same.
One-two, one-two, radio check, can you hear me? - was heard in the ear. Pasha answered that he could hear very good and he noticed that Sasha answered before he heard the question. 3-NITI explained to the kids that he will talk to them through two different channels, that is why conversation between them will be different. Sasha said smiling: “I see!” Pasha put the backpack on his shoulders and followed Sasha, asking her about that place, where they were going.
It was derelict building on the territory of a plant. When the plant had enough money, its administration made a strike at building new industrial bulk. But the plant didn’t count its strength, the expenses were too big and the building wasn’t finished. It was standing there washed up, staring to the world with empty eye-pit of windows. A small group of traceurs organized  private club in the huge basement secretly to everyone. It was the place where traceur, musicians, capoeira’s fighters sharpened their skills. Sasha knew a place where they could easily and unnoticed descend from adjoining  garages. First of all Pasha carefully put down his backpack with the robot and then he jumped down himself. The entrance to the basement wasn’t seen from the territory of the plant and Sasha didn’t worry that someone would notice them, she confidently moved a plank of the fence behind which were high-grade stairs that led down to darkness.
Pasha’s heart was beating very fast, he was afraid that they would be caught but it seemed that Sasha knew what she was doing. She was calm and confident and it was evident that she was there not for the first time. The girl took a flashlight, put the plank back (Pasha thought that he would never recognize the right plank, for him all of them were the same), and with inviting gesture of the flashlight she showed to follow her.   
Voiceless, rhythmic sounds were heard from downstairs, they reminded groaning and moaning of hosts and sometimes it sounded like growling of unknown device. The kids heard how a door was closed several times and saw blaze of light.
 - This is Vadik, he’s entertaining himself with his gang. They imitate musicians but they are  really biff-guys, - Sasha whispered nervously.
 - Then should we leave? Lets come another time? - Pavel stopped.
 - Don’t worry. It was joke. They are great guys and can sing very good. They even dedicated me one of their songs! Lets go, I’ll introduce you to them, - and Sasha opened a door with picture of  skull and crossed bones where was written “electric control room”.

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