3-Niti (part 6)

Previously ...

“I don’t ask…” - started Sasha, but Pasha interrupted her with smile and said that he prefers above-ground transport. And she didn’t mention the conditions of competition. Sasha had to grit her teeth and counted till ten. In any case she started to like that swell headed boy even he wasn’t look like any of her friends.
“Ok”, - she said with smile. - “I can guess how did you succeed to win but now you have a right to be called a student”.

But Pasha hadn’t plans to commit himself to dances or something like this and he decided to confess in this to the girl. He showed 3-NITI to the girl and said: - “I think it’s a time to tell you a secret of my victory. “You might think that it’s madness but winer is not I, the real winer is 3-NITI, a robot and my friend”, - said Pasha opening his backpack. 
Sasha was frozen with half of smile on her face. She couldn't real understand was it serious or it was another joke. - “Ok”, - she said, - “and how did it succeed to do it?”
3-NITI pretended that it did stretching as man that woke up from the dream and jumped out from the backpack. It salutatory waved its hand to the girl and said: - “Konishua, Sasa. Hagime master”, - and closed hands half bending.
- What is it? Is this robot from Japan?! - asked Sasha in amazement.
- It makes fun of you, it perfectly speaks Russian - answered the boy.
3-NITI joyfully jumped imitating giggling and with the word “Kambarana! (give five)” gracefully offered its hand to the girl.

Continued ...

The original in Russian...

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