3-Niti (part 5)

Previously ...

Sasha was curious how would look her talker and she decided if she wouldn’t like the boy from the first view then she immediately disappears. She decided not to enter the cafe and was waiting for Pasha outside. When she saw the boy she thought that he looked funny with the big backpack behind his shoulders. With the smile Sasha left her hiding-place and went to meet the boy.
 - Hi! Are you Pavel? And what is in the backpack?
 - This is my snack, I’m experianced lover of women and very often go on a dating, and because girls are usually late I have to wait for them and not to be starve till death I began to bring food with me! - made a joke Pasha.

 - Then we can skip an introduction point at the cafe and go to the next point, for example romantic trip around the city. Did you hear anything about traceurs? - smiled Sasha.
Are you talking about roof jumping?  Parkour? And what connections it has to dancing? -Pasha looked confused but curiosity was stronger then astonishment.
 - First of all, it’s not just jumping, it’s philosophy of freedom of self-expression through moving. And secondly, for continuation of our acquaintance you should pass a small trial. You should try to outfoot me. There is a car parking in a block from here, if you’re the first to reach it roof I’ll count that you pass the trial, if I’m the first, you’ll have to look for another dance teacher.
 - But I have a back pack!
 - And I’m a girl! Are you ready? Ready, set, go! - the girl smiled and then disappeared.
 - Pasha looked from one side to another. Suddenly a taxi stopped near him and the driver told him to get into the car and they rushed to the car parking. It was clear that the driver didn’t care about his driving license. When Pasha looked to the roofs he noticed gracefully moving shadow-figure of the girl. “I think, that I’ll win this lap in the competition with a cat-woman”, - he thought. The driver of the cab didn’t take anything from the boy and said that it was VIP order. In a some seconds after the taxi left, Sasha jumped on the roof and when she tried to get her breath she  was puzzled to see that the boy was already there…

Continued ...

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