3-Niti (part 27)

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…I noticed that you looked sad for the last few days, what’s going on in your mind?
Everything is the same but it seems that someone is stealing my time.
Stealing what? What are you talking about? You mean that if I talk to you, try to make you leave home from time to time - I’m stealing your time?
No, my dear, I like to spend time with you. I want to say that I have less and less time… Days  glimpse away and if earlier it looked like an old tram with big windows is passing by in front of you but you could examine every window and remember all of them. And now everything is moving so fast that it reminds a high-speed train and if the engineer  adds more speed it will look like a cine-projector, and all windows will merge in one window.

I understand what are you talking about. In my childhood I remember when my parents took me to the cinema I could hardly wait the last seconds. I looked at my dad’s watch and thought that its second-hand was moving so slowly. Now when I’m looking at my watch I think the same about the minute-hand. There is something in your sadness. I’ll go and lay down in front of TV in my brooding mood.
You can’t do this. TV is broken.
How did it happen? That huge hole on the screen that has size of a pan, you call “is broken”?
How did you learn about the pan?
I’ve understood. But we shouldn’t leave it here. I have to carry this cold carcass and bury its mortal remains in a trashcan. Where homeless-vultures will carry away the rest of it.
And take laptop with you…
You’re too fast for punishment. But now we truly have more time. I think you’ve won at least 3 hours from eternity. It’s interesting what are you going to do next in that righteous war?
- I… I’ve broke the blender =(
- What did it do to you? It seems that your worlds never crossed over…
- Do you remember that video where phone was turned into dust with the help of a blender?
- Hm… It means that we cross out mobil phone?
- Don’t mock at me. Now I’m free. I have extra 5 hours in a day.
- What can I tell you. If we look back to my previous comparison where the denomination of time turns minutes into seconds, and hour into minutes. You have extra 5 minutes every day.
- And what should I do? Where did that denomination come from?

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