3-Niti (part 26)

Previously ...

Pasha carefully took winchester and gave it to Sheldon.
3-NITI has asked me to give it to you. Before it asked me to switch it off 3-NITI told me about an ancient computer. All notes should be there.

Sheldon took HD, smiled nicely and said to Howard, - Howard, be so kind, install this HD on my   laptop. In answer Howard sardonically said that the existence of the group depends only on whether is there a man who can put a necessary detail into computer. He opened a little box and put HD in it and gave it to Sheldon. Sheldon connected that device to his laptop. The screen  blinked and the image of  3-NITI appeared on it. The lamp of computer’s camera turned on and the Robot salutatory smiled to the audience.
- It means that the interface has recognized the people here, - Sheldon explained the smile of 3-NITI.
Hello, - the image of 3-NITI addressed to the present company, - if you see this recording it means that all participants of the mission that was focused on deliverance of consciousness of one supercomputer against influence of another are gathered in front of the screen. 
I want to tell everyone what the Dr Sheldon Cooper and I were doing the last few days. During those days all my available resources were directed to study the abilities of men to control the surrounding world by means of their desires. We’ve  analyzed human history for two centuries. Unfortunately we couldn’t explain that phenomena. However the facts speak for themselves - desires of people are controlling the world. It’s amazing, someone makes a wish while looking at falling stars, someone makes a wish while blowing out candles on a birthday cake, another prays and all of these organizes a matrix of desires of all mankind. 
While I studied the effects of  all those interactions, I’ve found one small gap and that is a sleep. A man who fell into special condition of dream is able directly to interact with the matrix of desires and to go straight to his target. But there is one problem: the equipment that can control such condition is not exist. That is why I suggest to use two stages of dropping-off to sleep.
The first sleep was hypnagogic and in the second sleep there will be equipment. And there will be what we need. And now about hypnosis, I’ve sent you a preliminary list of necessary equipment to control bodies. Only Pasha and Sasha will have to fall in sleep because there is strong emotional connection between them and it will allow to hold action in the frame of  the required aim. If everything is ready for the first immersion I suggest to start. Pasha and Sasha have to lay down on the beds in such way that they could see the screen of the laptop. Only they have to look to the screen. I’ll lead them into hypnosis and program their immersion.

Sheldon pressed the pause and led teenagers to the separate room where everything was ready for the travel to Morpheus country.
  Pasha and Sasha changed their clothes quickly and took their places on the beds. They put bracelets with detectors on their arms and the laptop was put between the beds. Everything was ready Sheldon turned on the recording and quietly left the room. When he came back in half an hour the teenagers slept…

Continued ...

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