3-Niti (part 24)

Previously ...

 The group united again after they circled for sometime. The place where they gathered wasn't looked noticeable but when they looked more carefully they could notice a masking net that covered the entrance into a cave. Only from the close distance was possible to see that it wasn’t real stone but a masking net. From the distance of 15 meters the design of material completely merged with stony pattern of the mountain. The group rapidly ran into the cave looking from one side to another. Howard stayed outside for sometime, perhaps he did something with prints that led to the cave.
In the cave one of the guys cast away the masking net from one of the walls. Behind it were hidden motorbikes. Sheldon invited all to follow him and went into the deep of the cave. But Leonard stopped him and asked something. 
Leonard suggested me to tell you about our alarm system and I decided that it’s important to know in case of emergency.
After that he took keychain from his pocket and pushed one of its buttons. Nothing happened immediately but something changed in the room. All the entrances disappeared and they felt cold wind and a smoke swam along the walls. Those actions were accompanied by strange sounds and pulsation of the walls. It seemed that the cave would ruin, and as confirmation to that the stones from one of the walls began to crack and fall down. And the same time a ghost appeared in the aperture! It was transparent but so visible that Sasha began to yell and Pasha’s knees began to tremble. 
Sheldon was satisfied with produced impression and pushed the button again and suddenly everything disappeared. The ghost melted away and the wall came back to its place, the pulsation, cold wind and smoke stopped. The teens breathed with a relief.  
After that Sasha went from shout to tears and continued to ask: “What it was? What it was?” A little bit later Sheldon gave full and complete reply. It turned out that the security system didn’t only give danger notice. Using the last technological achievements they equipped the cave with such abilities that any horror house would be jealous. When the invisible pulsation fell in resonance with man heart’s rhythms it brought unconscious horror. The ghost, smoke, falling of stones were 3D Mapping presentation or 4D, because those manipulations involved more human feelings than during a cinema show in stereo-cinema. But those details were unnecessary. And then Sheldon showed them one more trick.
It turned out that all that time they were standing in front of  a big metal door that was covered by the light that came from a lantern which was attached to the opposite wall. That lantern looked like a general lantern which are usually set in underground crossings, tunnels and underground garages but in reality it was a beam of the projector that masked the door. The door became visible only when Sheldon stood in front of it and shut the masking beam with himself. A small entrance hall was behind the door. Sheldon explained that it was disinfective section. When the whole group entered the section the strong wind began to blow and their feet were dipped into water for some seconds. After the cleaning procedure an inside door opened and behind it they saw a big room laden with different devices and cabinets along the walls. There was leather sofa, small coffee table and two arm-chairs in the middle. Everyone went to their own place. 
The bag with 3-NITI was carried by Raj all that time. He took it from his shoulders and put it on the floor. He tried to comment his actions but because he didn’t speak in front of the women, he just sigh and shrugged his shoulders. Sasha continued to stay near the door while Pasha slowly walked around the room, sat in the arm-chair and with a nod invited Sasha to follow his example. Sasha nodded in reply and moved towards the sofa and sat down near Pasha. Her actions brought disapproval exclamations of everybody except Pasha. “Anywhere, but not there!”, - everyone and even quiet Raj shouted.
- This is my place and no one is allowed to sit there, - Sheldon said appearing from nowhere. Sasha had to moved to the center of the sofa and Sheldon with a funny smile sat down on “his” place that he regained in such way and began his story…

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