3-Niti (part 23)

Previously ...

But the battle-plane continued to follow the teenagers. After it made a turn, it stubbornly approached towards the group. It seemed that such course of events was expected by bikers because soon they could see mountain tunnel on their way. When the pilot understood that he couldn’t reach the runaways he turned the plane and flew away. The bikers stopped inside of the tunnel and began to take off their helmets one after another. Pasha also took off his helmet and in the next moment he realized that the biker which he squeezed up against the whole time as a marmoset was a girl.  Her fair hair fell off from the helmet and she showed Pasha with a nod that he should release her from his clinging embrace. After that she smiled, snapped his nose with her fingers and gave him a wink. According to all features the leader of the group was tall guy with wry smile on the thin lips. He didn’t have passenger nor load. 
What’s up, scums? - he asked Pasha with stuttering and English accent. - Greet you on American land. My name’s Doctor Sheldon Lee Cooper but for friends I’m just Sheldon.
The girl began to laugh and said:
Sheldon awarded her with vicious look.
My friends, - he began to particularize, - this is Penny, - the girl frankly guffawed but Sheldon continued without paying attention to her laughter, - Leonard Hofstadter, - and the biker in front of the Sasha began to smile and friendly waved to them. - That one that a little below is Howard, swarthy one  is Raj. They don’t speak Russian. Howard might know few phrases and Raj didn’t speak at all in the presence of women till he becomes drunken. As far as I understand you’re Sasha and Pasha?
Pasha amazingly nodded in response.
We don’t have time to talk, - continued Sheldon. -  Exchange clothes and we’ll go on! There are  PTZ cameras everywhere but this specific place is free of them that is why nobody will know about substitution.
Pasha nodded and quickly began to unfasten the zipper of  clothing. Sasha was in a hazy condition but she remembered that she had nothing under her clothing and she turned to the road and also began to take off the clothing. Suddenly in that moment a big school bus drove into the tunnel. Students in the bus wanted to see kingdom of dwarves in the tunnel and because of that all of them clung to the windows but instead they saw completely different view. That view was much more interesting because the kids' screaming which covered the sound of bus engine had been hearing long time after the bus left.
 - We’ve got a trouble, - said Pasha aloud.
Sheldon answered with the smile that in the US they don’t have the law against exhibitionism on the road and gave him the clothes of Howard.
After they exchanged the clothes, Sheldon suggested to Pasha and Sasha to ride one motorbike together. But Pasha confessed that he never rode motor bike. Sasha took the key that Penny offered and evil and red from the shame she said that she knew how and sat down on motor bike. Pasha sat behind Sasha and hugged her waist. Penny put on Sasha’s clothes and sat down behind Howard who wore Pasha’s clothes. She threw off his hands from the handle-bar and showed him to take a seat behind her. The engines began to roar, the group split in two and went to two different sides…

Continued ...

The original in Russian...

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