3-Niti (part 22)

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From the early childhood Pasha’s dad tried to accustom his son to science fiction that was why he read him  not a general selection of books about bull-calves and frog-princes. The dad read to Pasha the books of Wales, Azimov, Harrison… Due to that the boy knew about the law of robotechnics for a long time and it was hard to imagine for him that those robots which were described so good in science fiction, the robots that supposed to turn off themselves automatically when they saw violent hands on a person, the robots that should help and care about people in each possible way now they tried to kill him…

In the next moment the Captain pounced into the cabin and said a phrase from which Pasha could separate only three main words: “go, up, now”. The boy understood that they should go to the deck as fast as possible. They again heard shots of motor-board's machine-guns. Another explosion thundered and because of that the boat was strongly shaken. Pasha grabbed the bag and the teenagers followed the Captain. He was explaining something gesticulating. Two battle-planes were flying with roaring in the air, performing unthinkable sharp turns and only few seconds were left to the land. After evaluating the situation Pasha put on his helmet which the Captain proffered to him and the boy fastened the carbine of the bag to his belt.

Sasha continued to whisper something and amplifiers of the helmet clearly repeated every word. The boat constantly maneuvered and it was hard to move around the deck. The Captain had roared something and one of the sailors jumped out from the cockpit. He walked along the deck clinging to every possible ledges as orangutan. The sailor took the bag with the robot and waved to the kids to follow him. Pasha grabbed Sasha’s hand and dragged her after himself to the nose of the boat. The speed with which the boat moved towards the shore was so high that it seemed there wasn’t any chance that the boat would avoid collision. When only some seconds were left before a bang, the boat suddenly turned aside and Pasha, the sailor and Sasha were out thrown overboard and they somersaulting along the surface of the ocean as if they were pebbles from the kids game “pebbles-saucers” they jumped towards the shore. The last meters they overcame by swimming. The sailor managed to drag the bag to the shore and to swim on his back trying to see what’s going on with the boat.

The boat swam in far distance and stopped. The Captain ran out on a deck, waving with white flag. Where did he find that flag was incomprehensible, probably he used something improvised as a flag. The rest of sailors ran out on the deck, hoping that the pilot wouldn't attack when he saw the flag. But when the plane finished  its sharp turn it  fired several missiles against the boat. When the sailors saw it they immediately jumped into water. And the same moment the boat exploded. The first missile exploded and stitched the boat after which the boat  flipped into the air, and the second missile destroyed the boat completely inducing  detonation. When the kids reached the shore they could see only the heads of the sailors and the orange collars of life-jackets. Those life-jackets were blown automatically when men fell into water.
I hope that sailors will be ok, - thought Pasha.     
The sailor that escorted the teenagers took off his shirt, jumped into water and swam to help his friends.
The plane that destroyed the boat was turning towards the shore.
“Mommy”, - thought Pasha.
But the next second four motorbikes jumped out to the shore and abruptly stopped near the teenagers. Pasha understood that the bikers came there to help them, he unclasped the bag and gave it to one of the bikers and sat down behind another one and wrapped his arms around the waist. After that the biker shot off forward. The motorbikes roaring as wild beasts rushed away. They carried guys from a danger towards a smokescreen that was thoughtfully organized by someone on the way to the shore.

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