3-Niti (part 20)

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In the morning Sergey was released but they took note of him and warned him that they’ll continually watch him. In some days he was stopped by Kulakov and invited to join him to his car. Kulakov told him that the incident with Sergey was solved but the situation itself was taken into consideration.
People at the very top, - Kulakov meaningfully rolled up his eyes, - decided to create at “the office” a hacker department.
According to Kulakov’s words the aim of it will be gathering the information about accounting fraud, bonuses and wages in envelopes that the most of enterprises are  practicing. But actually the informational subdivision has been existing in the office for a long time.
To equip the subdivision they used such amount of money that it was necessary to add additional state taxes. But now because of that all cities are braided with a net, to which all the video materials from the cities’ cameras are sent. In data centers of service providers was installed a monitoring equipment and they as well receive a communication equipment to be installed for clients with “a trapdoor”. Specialists definitely understand that secret and immediately try to cross-flash their modem to a plant firmware version, and to close  inner net behind  proxy and firewall. But true hacker, who uses not only ability of programmer but also a social engineering, always may find loophole for himself.
Kulakov offered to Sergey such kind of work. The boy should become a courageous pirate on the service of king as in ancient times. And his position was according to Captain grade title - the chief of hackers department of informational subdivision. Sergey  accepted the offer. After that Kulakov went to see Sergey’s parents and told them that the situation with arrest was test and because Sergey passed it he can enter the special school. The papers for a transfer were ready. The training was free of charge and  took place in a secret zone. But Sergey would be allowed to visit his relatives on weekends. The boy had to leave at once with minimum of things.  

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