3-Niti (part 2)

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- You can start to study the abilities of your new buddy! – said dad and left Pasha’s room closing the door behind himself.
- Hi! – whispered bewildered Pasha.
- Hhh-ii! – repeated the robot and after thinking a little bit, repeated again with steady voice similar to the voice of teenager. – Hi, hi. My name is 3-NITI. I’m your friend. After that it exactly repeated Pasha’s posture the robot squated down and put forward its hands. Pasha smiled at this and extended his right hand to the robot. In response the robot also extended its left hand. Pasha shook left hands with the robot and 3-NITI repeated shaking hands with boy and shook his right hand. All these manipulations caused real explosion of emotions in the heart of the boy and he ran rapturously out of the room to tell his dad all about it. When he entered the father’s study Pasha realised that the robot followed him and both of them entered the room the same time. Pasha forgot what he wanted to tell and silently sat down on the floor. The robot sat down near him repeating the boy’s pose.

- Dad, its hands differ from each other. One is warm and another is cold!
- Are you sure? Touch again the cold one! – told dad.
- 3-NITI was programmed to copy you at most precisely. All your movements, poses, phrases. After your touching it adjusted the temperature of its surface and made it as warm as yours. The robot will copy you in everything, try to be a good example for it.
- I will try but I can’t promise anything, - smiled Pasha. The boy and the robot left the room and went to continue the acquaintance.
“It’s cool!” – has thought Pasha noticing that the robot diligently was repeating all his movements.
Pasha closed the door in his room, turned on music and started to teach the robot different dancing movements. It wasn’t looked bad but unfortunately Pasha couldn’t dance well himself. The boy not only wanted to impress other people with the dance of his robot he wanted them to admire it. Pasha decided to look for the information in the Internet. He couldn’t understand the dancing technique straight off that is why Pasha left message at the dancing forum with following content: “I need info about various dancing movements with names and if it’s possible with photos”.

After Pasha left the message he decided to conduct the training of the robot to the art how to do homework. The boy had agreement with his parents that he spends 3 hours of his precious time for it. Part of his homework Pasha did at school, the rest two subjects he was planning to finished in a 30 minutes and two hours and a half he was going to dedicate to independent research of new materials and reviewing the previous ones. Pasha announced to 3-NITI that now they would do homework and sat down at his desk. He offered the robot to rummage at the shelves with books, automobile models and different pieces of iron which nobody knows how to use but also didn’t dare to throw them away. 

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