3-Niti (part 19)

Previously ...

I think, guys, we’re late, - said 3-NITI. - It seems that my cloud adversary knows about us and our mission. And for your safety I have to be switched off physically. You’ll do it. You’ll have to unscrew bolt and to unclip the main battery of power. The Captain got the order not to enter into negotiations with anybody till you’ll land the beach. Lets hope that he’ll do so.
The kids listened to 3-NITI and looked around with fear.
Just recently, - continued 3-NITI, - when I did some kind of research, I came to an interesting conclusion.  It’s a real revelation, there isn’t an explanation but there are a lot of confirmations. When I analyzed human nature I came to the conclusion that the artifical intelligence which people are trying to create has been existed for a long time. When and how it appeared I don’t know but for sure people are a physical vessel for this AI, they are some kind of HD with information which are united in a net. The nature of this union I couldn’t understand, but I’ll try simply to describe foundations of work of this system. The net that unite people, I called “Net of desires”.
In unthinkable way the net doesn't only control a cogitative world of people but also  physical one. Basing on facts I came to conclusion that the net is driven by people’s desires. And every desire somehow can influence over response of the net. The net of  desires is a container of all knowledges in the world. Very slowly, crumb after crumb a mankind squeezes out the knowledge according to accumulation of their experience. The supposition that the net is able to a physical manipulating with the tangible world is allowed to think that all stories about magicians and wizards of old times that could fly, call out rain and drought are real.
I wrote down all information on my winchester. At the shore you’ll be met by guys from hackish team Anonimus. Though they are chased by some powers, they have good luck so far. They will hide you in their camp.

Suddenly they heard sound of siren and mashine-gun of the motor boat began thundering. They heard massive explosion and in a moment their motor boat flung  up by the blast.
- The missile defence of the boat was activated, - said 3-NITI. - It’s time for me to switch off.
With those words the robot opened its carcass,  drew off its winchester and froze in unnatural pose.
Sasha hid her face with her arms and began to cry, Pasha's  eyes also were full of tears. But remembering the instruction of the robot, Pasha began to unscrew a screw of accumulator battery fixation. When the accumulator was disconnected Pasha carefully took the winchester from the hand of the robot, closed its carcass and gently packed his friend back into the bag. The boy wrapped up the accumulator battery in a towel that he found there and put it in the bag.

Through the whine of the motors was heard that the Captain was arguing with someone. The line of the land was seen in a side scuttle. Pasha sat down near Sasha and took her arm. Sobbing she clasped to his breast.
- What will happen to us now? - she whispered…

Continued ...

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