3-Niti (part 18)

Previously ...

Sasha unsnapped carbines at the high of ten meters and joyfully squealing she sank into water with the head. Pasha was carried away from her at a distance about 100 meters but he could hear her voice in the  headphones. He didn’t unsnap the parachute, that was why after he sank into water the canopy of parachute covered him and the boy had to get away from it. The helmet fogged up and Pasha almost lost courage but the help from the motor boat came in time. People on the motor boat picked up his parachute and pulled him on the deck and the bag with the robot after that. After that the motor boat went to pick up Sasha. The motor boat accelerated so fast that Pasha had to hold. When mariners fished out Sasha from water, the kids felt better. Pavel took off the helmet and began to examine the uniform of the mariners.

 Everyone had the same uniform - relaxed fitting black trousers, black jumpsuits with striped collar that looked like rectangle on their backs. Their  collars were  tied up with black ties, and there were  two white bars with eagles on sleeves. Above the jumpsuits the mariners wore bright-orange jackets but for Pasha’s surprise they were blown off. Such courageous uniform was added with funny white cap looked like children boonie hat. There were six mariners and all of them were young guys and when Sasha took off her helmet they joyfully cheered and someone even whistled. Such friendly behavior of the  crew surprised Pasha and Sasha. Pasha began to think that they’re going to meet a new uncle there but in that case he didn’t know how to solve the problem with language. After that thought Pasha heard muttering of 3-NITI in his ear. The robot explained to the teens that now they’re American spies and national heroes which stole super new research - humanoid robot from Japan. And they shouldn’t worry about language because 3-NITI will take care of it. The motor boat started abruptly and turned back to the beach. Head wind that was filled salty ocean fragrance caught up a flag of the motor boat, trousers and jumpsuits of mariners and Sasha’s hair. Pasha began to smile when he caught himself at the thought that he was  admiring her hair.

The Captain came  on a deck from a deckhouse. He wore suit and tie and instead of funny hat he had a service cap with gold  steering wheel on his head.
The Captain greeted kids and offered them to follow him to the deckhouse. The motor boat flew as if it had wings and illimitable calm ocean fascinated. When teens came into the deckhouse someone of mariners that was on the deck began to shout and pointed to the surface of the ocean. It was blue whales that swam slow and solemn at the horizon. The Captain smiled and said that it was a good sign to meet whales on the way back.
All that time 3-NITI diligently translated all conversations of the Captain and mariners to the kids. But suddenly the earphone became quiet for some seconds and then 3-NITI said phrase in English that was intended for the Captain and meant asking for permission to leave the deckhouse. Pasha repeated it and looked at the Captain with such fright that the Captain showed them the door to the cabin that was prepared for them without any other questions and said that they will arrive in three hour and half.
Pasha ran into the cabin embosoming the bag with the robot. Quickly orientate himself he put it on the bed and began to unzip. The same time Sasha locked the door. 3-NITI got out from the bag without usual joyful manner. It moved as a robot. It stood up, made several precise steps, freed itself from the bag and sat down on the edge of the bed. Sasha threw aside the bag and sat down near. Pasha sat down on the floor.

Continued ...

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