3-Niti (part 16)

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 Sleepy Sasha and fresh Pasha jumped out of the room.
 - Uncle Peter, what have you injected to him? Why is he so happy?
The uncle laughed and said that the medicine is a friend of Indian mescalin. Those who befriend with it, will learn how to fly and turn into a bird. And he also added that the medicine was given to our army by American indians who hopped over by themselves from abroad.   
“This uncle has a good sense of humor,” - thought Sasha.
Pasha had read about mescalin and about peyote, and about  free consciousness but he didn’t believe any of those and now he didn’t know what to think.
Pasha and Sasha followed the colonel to the airfield. There they unpacked and again packed several parachutes under the uncle supervision. Then they put on dry suits. The backpack with the robot they put into the water-proof bag which had a parachute line with a carbine at the end. It was fastened to Pasha’s wrist and to avoid hitting the bag against the head, the top cord was fixed with a strip on his right ankle.

torpedoes or rockets in the trunk of humvee. The strange thing was that they had entirely clear top. The uncle caught Pasha’s glance and joyfully smiling he told that the kids will have to travel inside of those shells. The truth was that only a battle-plane could deliver them to the point of their rendezvous maximal fast. But regular  passengers couldn’t travel on the board of such aircrafts and its speed also didn’t allow to be air dropped. That was why special parachute shells were created for flying at high altitude. Those shells were supplied with oxygen tanks and maneuvering systems for solo piloting. The shells would move for sometime independently after they separate from the plane then they would  deploy in the air and brake into pieces and their passengers land with parachutes.
After a short instruction Sasha and Pasha put on helmets which looked like motorcycle helmets and lied down inside of the shells on their backs. The bag was put at the bottom near Pasha’s feet and the kids took mouthpieces with hoses into their mouths. Strange seats of the shells reminded pegs of hangers that were sewed around with fabric. But everything was perfectly fitted and quite comfortable. Handles that the kids had to hold on, were the same time the control wheels of pilotage. After the clear  hatches were closed, the oxygen started to go through mouthpieces. When uncle Peter gave the instruction he explained that the oxygen should  displace the nitrogen. That procedure was called  denitrogenation and it had to protect the kids from decompression illness which was caused by nitrogen that could boil up in the blood when the pressure was changing abruptly.
The kids were hearing the last words of uncle Peter instruction in the headphones of their helmets when the plane moved to the takeoff strip. The engines began to rev and the battle-plane started to warm up. The soldiers in grey imperceptible overalls took the shells and joyfully looked at the kids through the clear glasses, turned the shells and fastened them under the wings of the plane. Pasha heard Sasha’s breathing out and whisper “mommy” in his helmet when the soldiers turned her shell. The impression in the shell was if you were hanging in the air and there were nothing under you. The kids saw the humvee leaving and soldiers that fastened the shells were going away. Uncle Peter arose his hand and his voice in the headphones wished the kids successful accomplishment of the mission. The plane began to shake and started to pick-up the speed. Sasha and Pasha caught hold of the handles and the lines of the takeoff strip began to run in front of their eyes. The power of acceleration was so mighty that it was impossible to breath for some minutes. After height gain the acceleration stopped and all of them for a moment were in the state of weightlessness. Waves of goose bumps ran along the kids backs that brought small but  pleasant shiver. Pasha even roared because he couldn’t hold his emotions. A pilot laughed and decided that it was a sign of asking to add thrills and he perform several “barrel-rolls”, after which Pasha wailed as a wolf and Sasha inversely asked not to do it any more otherwise she could be sick. The pilot agreed with her, he turned on music for the kids and gave them advise to try to sleep because they will fly for 4 hours. He promised to wake them up when the plane will have aerial refuelling. Soon the fascinating picture that flew in front of their eyes became familiar and the kids fell a sleep for sometime. Aerial refuelling didn’t impress them, it was so because the level of intensity of events was too high already. When they flew to the place of airlift delivery, the pilot told them time that was left before detaching, wished them good luck, and …

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