3-Niti (part 15)

Previously ...

That time the company successfully reached the first point of destination where they had to change their outlook, get kitted up and take a course of primary military skills. Their task wasn’t easy, they had to find and block supercomputer that was able to control the whole world.

The car stopped near the military gate house. Pasha understood that because of outward building appearance, guards and tall fence that ended with barbed wire on the top.

 - This is a staging ground, - said 3-NITI, - We’ll take a plane to  the training camp. Now you’re officially spies and you are in the service of the government. You’re going to have unofficial status - lieutenant of security. Don’t worry, calmly leave the car, answer all question the way I’ll tell you. If you don’t hear me, nod and I’ll repeat the answer.
At a brisk walk a colonel came to the car smiling nervously.
 - According to the legend, this colonel is your uncle Peter. Smile and wave, smile and wave! - explained the robot. The kids left the car. Pasha hesitated a little bit, but Sasha played her role perfectly: she jumped with screaming, hugged uncle Peter and joyfully greeted him. The colonel relaxed and even kissed his new niece, and with Pasha they exchanged smiles and shake hands. Previous tension disappeared. All actors knew their roles that was why everything went plain sailing. The kids were led to a guest room with a table full of food. The colonel spent half an hour with the kids and left after he wished them “Good night”. The colonel told them that their flight will be at four thirty and he will wake them up at three, for passing flight instruction and for packing their parachutes.
After the colonel left Sasha began to squeak with pleasure: she was dreaming about parachute jump for a long time, but Pasha transferred his eyes from backpack to her and back represented a vivid picture of gloomy grudge.
 - Joyful Sasha poured out soft drink into glasses for Pasha and herself, drank it and switched off the light. She slid under the blanket and put clod of her clothes near her bed on a chair.
Pasha was sitting in the darkness and was shivering. 3-NITI understood what was going on with the lad and in some minutes the uncle Peter came into the room together with a nurse which with the professional gesture shook an ampule, broke a seal, took the right amount of medicine and gave an injection to Pasha.
 - Now, go to sleep! - ordered the colonel, - And you, Sasha, don’t tell your chiller-dillers before the flight, do you know how many situations I saw? If you would listen to my stories you become grey”. The medicine  affected very fast, enormous stream of thoughts in Pasha’s head stopped and those that were left, flowed so slow that he in the stream seemed to himself as a seagull which hovered above slow river that consisted of water-thoughts and fish-ideas that swam in it. Now he dived and caught fish that was named “I need to fall a sleep”, and slowly Pasha began to take off his shirt accompanied by quiet whisper of fish “sleep, sleep, sleep”. In his dream the boy hovered above the earth, turning somersaults and doing different tricks as if he was an expert of parachuting and seagull the same time. He flew to the people who were ready to jump from the plane and he became a jumpmaster showing how they had to line up in pyramids, turn a somersaults, swim in the air, make different figures. When he flew down to the earth Pasha pulled the ring and again became the seagull. He lifted up his head searching for another plane with parachutists and rushed to it. That dream caught his consciousness so much that when he awoke from the sleep Pasha jumped on the bed trying to fly up and fell on the floor with noise...
- Have you flown in your dream? - asked uncle Peter with smile. - Get ready, it’s time.

Continued ...

The original in Russian...

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