3-Niti (part 14)

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The test started from the morning. Sergey was taken from the desk in the middle of the lesson. Takedown team with assault rifles broke into the classroom, put the handcuffs on him and without explanation they took him outside, they thrust down him into black van with dark windows and warning winker on the roof. They went fast, unceremoniously, they arrived to gray building and locked Sergey in the room with mirrors. A huge, jacked man, who named himself investigator Kulakov, came in and started to interrogate Sergey. The boy unwittingly looked at man’s fists and understood how usually these guys are carried out investigative experiments.
Interrogation was long, and Sergey would tell everything if he knew something. According to the rules of cheap crime stories, Kulakov “was breaking” Sergey, confusing him and trying to catch the boy on uncertainties. The investigator gave him several clouts after which Sergey hit his head against the table twice.

Kulakov should have played a role of  “wicked policeman” but the second man, who according to the game should have played a role of  “good policeman” was embodiment of evil for Sergey. He manipulated Kulakov, one time the second policeman encouraged sadistic wishes of  Kulakov another time he made Kulakov to come down. In any case, neither hits of the head against the table, nor truth serum, due to which all Sergey’s  body was itching, didn’t lead to desirable result. He told about all his secrets, secrets of his parents and friends but didn’t confess in the main. Sergey and some other unidentified hackers broke the president website, they changed symbolics and placed opposition couplets on every page. They also changed passwords on the server. As a result the main server was turned off and after connecting a reserved server it was found out that the information there was also changed.
The investigators couldn’t understand how Sergey could resist the truth serum. They had irrefutable evidences against Sergey: the log that was written down from a provide entirely coincided Sergey’s computer log. It was the evidence that it was exactly he who did all those manipulations with the president site.
Sergey skilfully infected server with a virus that allowed to have entire administrator access to control a content though it had a forbiddance for outward editing.
The parents confirmed that during the time of hacking Sergey was at home and he was in his room with his computer. Perhaps they thought that they created alibi for his son otherwise their evidences would be different. But either mother or father, or teacher of computer skills confidently affirmed that Sergey didn’t have knowledge of such level.

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