3-Niti (part 12)

Previously ...

- We have only some days, - announced the robot. - I purposely downloaded my system with a disorderly grid computing that will transfer intermediate results by a chain with accidental pulsation. Now any computer that will be connected to network becomes a transitional part of calculative chain.
 - Hm…, - Pasha meditatively measured 3-NITI with his eyes. - It sounds like virus…
 - It sounds like advanced game of Broken Telephone, -  the robot beat back. - At the beginning you receive the formula and then you transmit not the formula itself but only transformed intermediate variant. And because there are many such variants you don’t need to look into Internet in the nearest future, if you don’t want to download your computer with complicated mathematical calculations.
 - Don’t you think that another super system can figure out your plan? - Sasha looked frightened.
 - Don’t forget that all my thoughts decode with timeout in some hours, the only secret channel is remaining in the Institute computer, it’s my brain, - it was evident that the time which 3-NITI was spending for explanation, seemed for the robot incredible long. - Another intelligence hasn’t calculated yet, that it doesn’t control all the connection channels of my brain. In addition, Pasha has threw on brilliant idea to use his school enemy in my interests.
 - Wait a little! I didn’t throw anyone anything! Whom do you want to use? - Pasha was so surprised that he didn’t find what to say at the beginning.
 - But you yourself asked me to deal with Sergey, the student from hight school that he would leave you alone…, - this time the robot looked puzzled.
 - We’re at the place! - announced taxi driver.
- Sasha, if you’re ready the cab will bring you home and you’ll collect necessary things there. Don’t take to much, we’ll buy what we need on the way. Then come back here, the cab will wait for you. Pasha, we have just a little bit of time, don’t worry about Sergey he’ll be fine. We need to hurry up. Don't busted before your parents (their behavior most likely is overseen, and any  kind of panic might squeal on me completely). You need to escape from home for some days. I’ve already called to your father from behalf of your teacher. In school and at home everyone will think for sure that you represent your school at the unscheduled mathematical competition. I had to change a little bit the plans of organizers but it will be for better. By the way you’re going to be there, I’ve hired one lad who resembles you. Though he doesn’t strong at math but if he learns all variants of  solutions, “you” will become a winner. Now have dinner, pack your thing without rush and leave the house. I’ll be after you. I think your father won’t allow you to take me with yourself, and if you lock me in your room in front of him we’ll create perfect alibi and won’t disturb peace of mind of your parents. - It seemed that 3-NITI thought about all possible variant of course of events and took care of everything that should be taken care of.

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