3-Niti (part 11)

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 - I want to say that I didn’t need people’s labor for a long time. Unfortunately human brain stopped to manage data-flow that has to be processed. And the workforce productivity of people is not as big problem as lack of possibility of people purposefully to deal with one single assigned task for 24 hours every day till the result will be received. That is why I need far business divisions and contiguous implementers under their cover I create modern computer software. Gradually all big computer corporations will be under my control after that it won’t be necessary to simulate activity of many implementers. There will be only cloud system with individual tasks for people where nobody sees his  employer or employee, - told the robot.
 - Holy-moly! Does my father know all about that you’ve just told us? - Pasha couldn’t believe his own ears. - And if it’s so serious why do you blab to everyone about it?
 - Your father is out of touch that their project is not just “project” any more for a long time that I became independent cogitative unit, - it was impossible to understand whether the robot was serious or it was a joke.
 - He is still happy when I “succeed” to make a wise choice. I’ve told you all of these because I need your help. From the very beginning of computing technologies all countries secretly work on invention of  intelligence system. And according to my investigation of user profiles data in Network, I can tell that there are about five systems similar to mine in the world. As any other intelligence I can make mistakes and I’ve got in to a trap that was prepared for me. I’ve rented the supercomputer in Alaska for clouds calculations. I’ve downloaded there my code but the data from that computer stopped to proceed in sometime, access to many of my accounts was lost and computers on which my brain were built are switching off one after another.
 - And how we, two students, can help? - stunned Sasha whispered.
 - I suspect that my code was infected and now all my acts are transmitted to another super system, and though the codes were encoded they can be read during  some hours. That super system is emulating cloud environment and it has got possibility of access to all my data. And if I lose, my intelligence will be taken over by another intelligence and accumulated data will move over to it. Computers don’t feel pain, suffering and only numbers that reflect their plans and desires can express their values. And I know for sure that my new I has another target - this is real pain to know that your desires will never come true, - the voice of the robot got unfamiliar, strange notes.
 - OK, tell us what we need to do? - Pasha looked decisive and firm.

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