3-Niti (part 10)

Previously ...

3-NITI gave back guitar to its stunned owner and went to Pasha and Sasha, who studied another sleight joyfully pushing each other. It looked as if Pasha began to understand how to dance.
 - Roll up! - commanded 3-NITI. - It’s half past seven and your parents called you several times. I’ve promised them that you'll be home soon.
 - Why didn’t I hear any ring signal? - asked Pasha. Suddenly he heard buzzer in his ear and the voice of his mom who talked to him and he promised to come home soon.

When kids finished packing, Vadik called out them:
Sasha, you may bring Pasha together with his toaster back, I've been too hasty, they’re cool guys, - and waved bye to them.
A car was waiting for the kids near the fence.
- Listen, 3-NITI, and who is paying for all these cabs? - asked Sasha.
- Everything is simple, I can allow myself not only take a taxi but also to pay for a plane, a ship or any other means of  transport. In the century of information technologies the supercomputer won’t think about the problem of money resources source. I’m an owner of  wide net of computer firms. But directors of those firms don’t know who do they work for. And everything has started from freelance. Did you already hear that term? There are a lot of websites where anyone can register and informally fulfil orders. The main thing is to fit in with a general pattern and look like others, hiding behind different masks and money will flow themselves to your electronic accounts. And when you’ll have electronic money you can open actual firms around the world, hire staff and pay big salaries, - told 3-NITI. That time the robot broadcasted its voice to Sasha and Pasha’s earphone the same time.
 - You’re saying that you use labor of people for your own  wealth accumulation? - Sasha looked at the robot.

Continued ...

The original in Russian...

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