Pasha and his friend-robot 3-Niti (part 1)

Iolka Eson
The author: Iolka Eson
Beta/Gamma-readers: Husuk, Kensin, Strizhhh, Krissi Furs
The name: This story was woven from several other stories: “Pasha and his friend-robot 3-NITI”, “The conversation on the clouds”, “Ya is transformer”
Disclaimer: Experimental fanfic. The rights on the characters that were used in the text belong to the author.
Distribution: Everywhere, under the agreement that the text will be published completely, the text won’t be used for commercial profit and the text will be published with active hyperlink:
Rating: R
Category: adventure, fantastic, action, POV, cyberpunk, experiment

Pasha and his friend-robot 3-Niti

- Have you brought it?
- Yes, as I’ve promised.
Dad contentedly smiled and started to open his big travel bag from which was seen plastic framework of a robot.
- Wow! – exclaimed Pasha, closely observing the  structure of his new friend, - Dad! What can it do?
- This you have to find out yourself.
Pasha’s dad has been working already for many years at the department of  artifical intelligence (AI) a Scientific Institute of Theoretical Researches. His former schoolmate persuaded him with much difficulty to leave his old job for this place. They both dreamed to turn over the whole world and at last their dream started to become true.   The government of the country as well as guests from different parts of the world got interested in their research of artificial intelligence and started to visit the Institute (SITR) hoping to see the intellect which was created by the group of programmers and engineers.  Several servers were working on synchronization of their operation and those servers were responsible for the system of distributed computing. Any person who wanted to participate in development of the project could download and install the program – agent NITI on his computer, choose for it place for existence and to point out the aim of researches and time when the program can work without disturbing its honer. But after several successful discoveries the group got a grant from government and the Institute could purchase the last updated version of supercomputer. Now programers were busy with adaptation of modules under the system of supercomputer.  The robot which Pasha’s dad has brought home was called 3-NITI. The programers gave that name to the robot in jest. Partly because the robot was the third step of the project, partly because many thought it was a funny joke. 3-NITI was equipped with all  available communicational systems. For exchanging of information with different devices it uses Wi-Fi, BLUETOOTH, EDGE, 3G, CDMA, 4G, infrared, broadband-radio, ultrasonic, laser and fiber-optic communicators, and also its complex interface consists of tweaking contact jack which is able to connect up  to any devices: cell phones, television-game devices, TV sets and other computers. The robot can imitate any interface from simple recharger to USB and HDGE. For communication with human beings it uses audio-, video-, vibration- and thermo-interfaces.

Powerful computer with which 3-NITI was equipped, played the same role as a spinal cord in a human body but it would never handle  the flow of information that came through all interfaces that is why the institute supercomputer accomplished all basic thought processes. The robot was created as interface of the supercomputer but 15 years old Pasha shouldn't know all about this. He knew the main thing – his dad had told him about self-training robot and he brought it home for mutual acquaintance. And now two lenses of eyes that were outlined by weak luminescence of  infra-red backlight from under hermetical helmet of robot. The robot was studying surrounding.

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