LifeGame 2958

- Lurch, let them in! - Gomes ordered. And everybody turned their heads to the door. The door was opened and Lurch came backward because zombis were pressing on him from all sides. They were walking with grunting and idiotic smiles.

I stared at Gomes. He looked at watch and noticed, - they came according to the time schedule, I don’t understand how they do it. Then Gomes looked at Morticia.

She smiled back at him, - They’re cuteys, aren’t they?

By that time zombis filled the hall. It was a big number of them and they continued to come.

- I think, we’ll have to combine several rooms that we have enough place for all of them, - said Uncle Fester.

He spread the screen with happy smile.

- Thing! Wind up the zombibox, - ordered Comes and everybody stared at the screen in expectation.

The Thing (a lonely right hand) showed the thumb to Gomes and jumped on the bedside table and began fast and slick to set a cine-projector.

When everything was ready, the light was turned off in the room and credits of the soap opera called “Tears of demons or The Catcher in the Rye” appeared on the screen.

It was restored according to a letter writing of demons.

I watched many soap operas in my life, a theme in them usually develops very slow and according to the law of the genre, at the end of every new series everything comes to the beginning circumstances. It looked as if the authors of this serial didn’t step away from the canon and it was saved only by the remarkable acting.
But soon the film finished though the Thing tried to spin a handle slower at the end. The light was turned on and zombi with sparrow-blasted faces began slowly to disperse. Now it was clear what hold them close to the castle.
I looked again to Gomes >>

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