LifeCrowd 2962

I ran very fast but those two girls relentlessly followed me. I heard their wicked shoutings but I didn’t hear the sound of their steps. It was an echo of only my steps. I understood that while I was running they were flying.

I remembered that Vika used cheat codes, probably that was how they’ve got ability to fly. I concentrated and began to think what other codes were there in the game.

Teleport me there! - I pointed to a rising dark tower far off and again repeated the spell, - Teleport me there!

Immediately the picture around me faded away and I landed in front of a black castle surrounded by huge statues of chimeras with burning torches in their paws.

I quickly turned around and found out that my pursuers were already there. But I remembered that there were other codes in the game, I pointed to the girls and shouted, - Make clean! - Both girls lost their bronze lustre but they didn’t lose their desire to kill me that was why I yelled the next spell, - Modifyrelationship 100! Probably it wasn’t good idea to change the scale of relationship to 100% of romance with both of girls but their aggression immediately stopped. The girls began to smile and I smiled back >>
(Original на русском)

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