LifeGame 2961

Speaking the truth, I was afraid of their smiles. But I decided to take the situation in my own hands and took both of them under their arms. They cheerfully hung on my arms and I went to central entrance of the castle escorted by that company.

How could I explain to those two unusual women that I rushed there only because I tried to escape from them.

It was a inner bailey. It was crowded behind the gates. As soon as we entered the gates we felt that hundreds of eyes gazed at us. When I saw their pale faces I thought that they looked strange.

Suddenly Gurohide shrank her nose, - They are all zombi! It’s interesting where did they come from in such number?

It seemed that zombi didn’t think that we’re good as a food for them and that idea warmed a little bit my cold flesh.

We passed by wandered without purpose zombi and went to the central entrance of the castle. A huge oak door had rings which were put into chaps of iron lions. Both girls put their hands into the rings and opened the door in front of me.

I made a step inside and looked around >>

Read the story from the beginning, make one step back.

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