LifeGame 2960

It was funny that the castle inside looked familiar. Somewhere played joyful music and we turned there without ruminating.

My companions and I entered the room where a little girl was teaching a lanky man to dance “Shake dance”. They didn't pay any attention to us. When I saw that funny company I immediately remember where I saw them and their exquisite castle. It was movie from my childhood “Addams Family”. I was staring at dancing Wednesday and all feelings of trouble and fear disappeared. I stood smiling there and was delighted from the view of dancing pair. Eventually Lurch learnt how to dance but Ms Addams came and asked Wednesday to turn off the gramophone. The music stopped but it didn’t stop Lurch. That was why Morticia (Ms Addams) looked at us and beckoned us over with hand. She went to another hall and we followed her >>
(Original на русском)

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