LifeGame 2957

As soon as Lurch closed the door after the last zombi, Gomes continued: - The situation with fortress Stillness wasn’t be so alarming if not the book of dead “Necronomicon” that is hidden behind the walls of it.
The magic book has been keeping in the fortress for a long time and it was fed with the blood of an immortal angel, that was trapped in the marble sarcophagus. But after the fortress was captured, we have to save the book at any price. It mustn’t get into hands of mortals.
 - Marticia! - turned Gomes to his wife, - Now we need a help of magic.
 - Then I’ll go to the grandmother, to the room of predictions! - said Marticia and left.
Gomes continued to talk about his plan how to overcome unseen enemy.
Marticia came back in half an hour and invited all of us to the grandmother.
In the secret room of the witch was dark and frowsy, heavy evaporations from the boiling kettle in the middle of the room were spreading along the floor. The grandmother crooked smiled while she was looking into the kettle.
I carefully looked into the kettle >>
(Original на русском)

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