LifeGame 2956

Deformed face as the face of an old man with features as long as a fiddle looked at me from the kettle. The one glance of it was enough to know about what had happened in the fortress and what all of us have to do to save the situation. Gomes also looked into the kettle and after that he left and in a minute he came back with two white fells which Lurch was carrying in front of him on stretched hands. I recognized the skin of wolf and tiger.
Fire destoyed all lifeless organics and in that fire disappeared necromancers. The situation was very serious. The gobbling fire settled into the body of a warrior and it destroyed all undead in the fortress. The fire continue to grow and acquire power while it is swallowing up lifeless organics, it takes away food and energy of regeneration that will bring to the destruction of all living things on the planet.
I felt a little shiver >>
(Original на русском)

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