LifeGame 2954

Lurch gave them animal skins: Gurohide received skin of tiger and Vika put on herself the skin of wolf. As soon as the girls stood on their knees and arms under the skins, the grandmother sprinkled them from the kettle and sang a spell. It was heard a hissing sound and acrid evaporation began to fall down. I heard the groaning of the girls that changed into growling.

In a moment I saw two big animals, that looked at each other. Then I heard cat’s hissing under wolf’s paws. After that Vika’s cat leaped out from underneath of the wolf paws. All that time the cat was phlegmatically sitting on the girl's hands till her hands turned into paws. The cat jerked with hissing to the corner and the big white wolf slowly followed after her. The Thing darted as lightning to save the cat and the grandmother threw a ladle into the cat and the Thing without thinking.

The grandmother didn’t miss a shot. From the corner where was the cat it was heard hissing that turned into croaking. The Thing and the cat disappeared and instead of them appeared white raven with red eyes.

The Thing? - pitifully said Wednesday. The raven began to croak and slowly its croaking turned into clear “Yes”!
I began attentively to study the bird >>
(Original на русском)

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