LifeGame 2953

And the same time the raven shuddered, raised feathers, cawked something to the tiger and wolf and jumped into the kettle. The animals followed the bird and they disappeared without sound and splash in the kettle as if they fell into open hatch. Gomes looked into the kettle, squinted one eye and smiled.

Then Gomes looked at me and said that I have to do the most difficult job. Lurch, Wednesday and Pugsley should be my helpers. We have to steal Necronomicon before people find it. I’ve heard the instruction, helplessly sighed and turned to the kettle where the grandmother tried to tune to the place where was the book.

In a minute we jumped into the kettle. Lurch stepped into the kettle first then the children jumped. He caught them in the air and put on the floor. I jumped down after them. The lid of the kettle closed after me immediately>>

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