LifeGame 2952

We got into a dark stony room with little grilled window. To leave the room was possible only through the door. It had stony walls, stony floor and ceiling. There were no decorations, not furniture. In the middle of the room in a stony sarcophagus in the center of bloody pentagram was Necronomicon. The pentagram gleamed with faint light.
 - The book is under a protection, - said Wednesday and took a stone from the floor and threw it into the book. Sudden explosion evaporated the stone and faint light of the pentagram turned into a buzzing glow. Wednesday looked for something else to throw into the book but couldn’t find anything and she asked Pugsley to give her his boot.
Pugsley didn’t feel like but took off boots and gave her his boots. Wednesday threw one boot into the fire of pentagram where it evaporated immediately, but that time the flame broke away from the pentagram and followed after the owner of the boots. Pugsley began to rushed in the room fueled by flame and Wednesday that time pushed the book from the pentagram with another boot. I almost catch it. But in a next moment the book and fire came back to their place.
Now it was Lurch’s turn. Suddenly he seized the end of marble plate where was Necronomicon and rose it slightly. The plate was a lid of stony sarcophagus, and it seemed to me that somebody alive was inside.
I showed the sighn to Lurch that he needed to put the lid back. Someone who succeeded to stay alive in that imprisonment could be stronger obstacle than the flame of the pentagram.
- We need help of your grandma, - I said and looked at Wednesday >>
(Original на русском)

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