LifeGame 2951

- Wednesday sat down on the floor and rolled her eyes.
- This is the way she communicate with spirits, - said Pugsley.
- I stood for five minutes in silence watching the girl, she was sitting motionlessly.
- After that I said to Pugsley, - Is she going to sit like this for a long time? We can be found here soon, we need to do something.
From time to time I heard arguing between people from outside. It seemed as if they're splitting the trophies. They could enter the room any moment. It was heard that someone passed the door dinging with the keys.
Lurch, close the key hole and hold the door that nobody can enter! - I ordered.
Fortunately an oak door could be opened only to the outside and when they would decide to get inside it was hard to knock it out. Lurch seized the ring and began to pull it towards himself.
The same moment we heard the dinging of the keys and clear sound of unlocking door. The lock was unlocked but the door couldn’t be opened because Lurch was holding it. From other side of the door people decided that the door still locked.
Someone discussed that it’s impossible to see through the key hole and they need to call for help to break the door.
Wednesday was still in trance. I didn’t know what to do. I began to think about falling into trance and soon it happened. I sat down on the floor in front of Wednesday and rolled my eyes >>
(Original на русском)

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