LifeGame 2950

I closed my eyes and relaxed. I saw many doors around me. Every door looked as a book cover, one of the doors was opened a little bit and the day light went through the chink. I determinately opened the door and saw Wednesday. Behind the door was regular field and in a distance was seen the forest where was a little pond. On the beach of the pond was the wolf and the tiger and in water were swimming two people.
Wednesday like a fly in the spider web was knocking against an invisible obstacle. It looked like her body sticked to a membrane which separated two spaces, and she couldn’t come back or go forward. That was why I decided not to risk trying to go through the obstacle and dragged her back.
I caught hold of her by the waist and jerked her towards myself from all my might.
In consequence of that we turned somersaults on the stony floor of the room but everyone in their own side.
When Wednesday opened her eyes she said that we needed to get away from there as soon as possible. Those two people who swam in the lake soon would come back to the castle. They were that strength that destroyed all the undead in the castle.
If they come closer to anyone of us then we would turn into ash.
- Well, - said I, - Did you learn how we can take the book?
Wednesday only shake her head.
- Those people are coming back and we’ll need to fight with them. We have to do something. I suggest to throw away the lid from the sarcophagus and when the book fall from it we can take the book and disappear.
Because we didn’t have another plan all of us looked at Lurch who continued to hold the door.
- Pugsley, take Lurch’s place, - said Wednesday.
All of us grabbed hold of the stony lid of the sarcophagus and trying to move and throw the lid on the floor. Due to the strength of Lurch the huge stony plate slowly slid aside. Under it was a naked girl in chains and black feathers. Her skin was grey, her eyes were closed and her arms were pierced by metal thorns through those wounds her blood went to pentagram and fed the spell.
- This is a fallen angel, - said Wednesday. - Nobody can kill her, that is why sacrificers used this type of saving the book of dead. Now when the blood of the angel doesn’t feed the spell anymore we can take the book. The main thing to run away before the angel will wake up. Otherwise we won’t escape, she’ll protect the book from anyone who try to encroach on it.
- What are we waiting for? - asked I.
- Just a second, - answered Wednesday and went to Pugsley.
- She strapped down a T-shirt from him and threw it to me.
- When I say to throw the T-shirt to the pentagram do it at once.
Behind the door we heard active movements. The soldiers came and began to poke the door with something metal.
- Throw it, - ordered Wednesday. And I threw.
The T-shirt immediately burst into flames, the fire of the pentagram broke forth out of it and made way to the door which was hold by Pugsley. Wednesday sharply hit her brother in the abdominal brain, after that he bent down and quitted hold of the door.
Roaring flame broke forth through the opened door and scattered the soldiers who were behind it.
While the spell attacked others, I took Necronomicon and rushed to the door>>

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