LifeGame 2948

A big white crow looked at me from above. It was so unexpected that I asked it: - Are you the Thing?

The crow immovably croaked, - Yes!

And madly turned around its head, added, - They’re coming! Run away!

This time Wednesday succeeded to connect with the grandmother. I understood it because suddenly in the centre of the room it appeared a hole on the floor. When I looked in it I saw Adams’ faces looked into the hole as if it was a well. The first thing I put the Necronomicon into the appeared pass then Wednesday, Pugsley and I made a step there. The last one was Lurch. When Lurch got out of the kettle after him followed the crow. Then something horrible has happened. Suddenly an awful howl was heard from the side that we just left. The grandmother began to stir fast a slumgullion trying to close the pass. But the noise grew louder and louder and soon it became unbearable. I closed my ears >>

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