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This page is continuation of the fanfic Nevo and the Necronomicon and the same time it’s the next page of the comic LIFE CROWD. So, if you got here by one of the branches of unravelling of the plot, I recommend you to learn the other branch as well.

Let’s continue. That time when I turned out to be far from the fortress with the book, that what was happening inside of the fortress.

The angel that turned white began to speak with nice woman voice: - I’m a keeper of the book of dead. I was chosen by the will of destiny.

And where is your book? - Asked Nevo.

It was stolen. But I have connection with and it allows me feel the direction where is the Necronomicon now. And I’ll follow after it.

The angel spread her wings and headed for the door. Nevo and Janet made way for her. While the angel was passing between them her body as a magnet began to drain the power from both of them and it was like needles of lightning with cracks of discharges was stretching from Nevo and Janet to the wings of the angel.

But it didn’t disturb them. When the wings soaked up the energy they began to glow and grow. The angel hastened to leave trying to avoid to be stuck in the room with her increased wings. And the rest stayed inside looking with confusion to each other.

And suddenly they heard crow from above. Look up >>
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