LifeGame 2943

Wednesday began to laugh, - you’re talking about that funny cat that merged with the Thing?

- Exactly. It’s owner knows the game very good and she knows cheat codes for this game. These are special spells that allow to play in it with the most comfort.

- Well, I think I’ve found it, - Wednesday pointed to one of CD that differs from the rest with its brightness.

I looked at the surface of it and didn’t see anything except my own reflection. Then I looked through the hole in the CD.

I saw a stream of falling down symbols as a waterfall. It looked like chains of orders which were executed by the processor and from time to time I could see logo of the game between all of this.

I see. It’s really SIMS game, it’s interesting and what is in other CDs? I began to look through other holes. But they weren’t working and through their holes I could see only the names of the programs that were written on them.

I have to try to start another game >>

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