LifeGame 2934

Suddenly long, flowing, melting as wax currents of unknown substance began to stretch from CDs.

They dragged to us but the substation first melted then froze up, that was why the show was more fascinating than frightening.

- What are you doing? - Suddenly asked Wednesday, - we could try to help you disappear using other methods. Instead of this you invoked demons and I can’t imagine how it will end.

- Don’t worry, I know these demons for a long time and you can trust me they’re pets as kittens.

The same time a mass that poured out from CDs began to obtain a shape and cool down.

I didn’t know why they chose those images but I definitely knew them very good. The white demon with glasses was Steve Jobs. Near him was Bill Gates. He was smiling and shifting from one foot to the other. His costume was painted in different colors.

Google looked like robot and it was green.

- I understand, it’s Android.

I achieved what I wanted, they appeared and now I had to convince them to help me >>

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