LifeGame 2933


- My dear friends! - I addressed to my virtual assistances. - I’m very happy to meet you and very grateful that you answer to my request. I think that my virtual assistances that exist in computer world can overcome any difficulties.

- Hello, Anonymous, - Bill said with a voice of Cortana. - I can solve your task better than others because we’re in the game that was started under Windows. Define your request and I’ll do it.

- Excellent! I want to move from one game into another, and take local characters with me, if it’s possible?

- Everything is possible in the computer world, - Bill moved his hand in the air and the control console floating in the air appeared in front of him. - There are 8341 characters in this world now. It’s difficult to infect their virtual characters, that is why I offer to move them all together. Where are we going to move them?

- Lets move them to Heroes of Might and Magic 3. I know this game very good and I think that we’ll have more chances in it.

- Let me see, - Bill said. - But you don’t have this game in your computer!

- Let me do it! I’ll find it! It’s loading! - the green robot interfered in our conversation.

All that time Steve stood idling with bent head and smiled. Most likely his help wouldn’t be necessary in the process of moving and installation. Though…

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