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LifeGame 2933


- My dear friends! - I addressed to my virtual assistances. - I’m very happy to meet you and very grateful that you answer to my request. I think that my virtual assistances that exist in computer world can overcome any difficulties.

- Hello, Anonymous, - Bill said with a voice of Cortana. - I can solve your task better than others because we’re in the game that was started under Windows. Define your request and I’ll do it.

- Excellent! I want to move from one game into another, and take local characters with me, if it’s possible?

- Everything is possible in the computer world, - Bill moved his hand in the air and the control console floating in the air appeared in front of him. - There are 8341 characters in this world now. It’s difficult to infect their virtual characters, that is why I offer to move them all together. Where are we going to move them?

- Lets move them to Heroes of Might and Magic 3. I know this game very good and I think that we’ll have more chances in it.

- Let me see, - Bill said. - But you don’t have this game in your computer!

- Let me do it! I’ll find it! It’s loading! - the green robot interfered in our conversation.

All that time Steve stood idling with bent head and smiled. Most likely his help wouldn’t be necessary in the process of moving and installation. Though…

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LifeGame 2934

Suddenly long, flowing, melting as wax currents of unknown substance began to stretch from CDs.

They dragged to us but the substation first melted then froze up, that was why the show was more fascinating than frightening.

- What are you doing? - Suddenly asked Wednesday, - we could try to help you disappear using other methods. Instead of this you invoked demons and I can’t imagine how it will end.

- Don’t worry, I know these demons for a long time and you can trust me they’re pets as kittens.

The same time a mass that poured out from CDs began to obtain a shape and cool down.

I didn’t know why they chose those images but I definitely knew them very good. The white demon with glasses was Steve Jobs. Near him was Bill Gates. He was smiling and shifting from one foot to the other. His costume was painted in different colors.

Google looked like robot and it was green.

- I understand, it’s Android.

I achieved what I wanted, they appeared and now I had to convince them to help me >>

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LifeGame 2935

The answer for that phrase should be extension of a browser in my computer under the name Google Voice Search Hotword. The possibility was low but I decided to try.

The phrase worked out well! Suddenly some CDs became green.

Inspired by the success I pronounced another phrase, - Siri, are you here?

As a answer to my question the right side of big part of CDs became dark as if the beam of the light that fell on them was blocked by a ball.

- Well, - I nodded and finally said, - Cortana, show up!

As the answer to that phrase the bigger number of the CDs changed their color under Microsoft emblem.

OK, helpers! Get out! - I ordered >>

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LifeGame 2936

In a moment we’re again surrounded by shining CDs. The idea that came to my mind seemed so ingenious.

I turned my head studying the order of CDs that surround us and said: - OK, Google! >>

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LifeGame 2937

Strange thing, it seemed that I felt the taste of her lipstick on my lips. I touched them and saw a lip gloss on my fingers. And in that moment steel blade pierced my body.

Wednesday pierced me through, but I didn’t feel any pain. When she pulled out it from me and tried to pierce me again I caught her hand and took away the blade from it.

- Wednesday, it won’t work, - I said with irritation in the voice. - I don’t have any scratch but I don’t want that you’ll try to kill me. Lets come back to the place with CDs. I think I have an idea. We sat down on the floor, took hands of each other and sank in in a trance >>

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LifeGame 2938

It looked funny, we were in unknown place and were kissing each other, at the same time our bodies generated by the game were sitting in the Addam’s castle on the floor in front of each other in the meditation poses and in reality I had to wake up in my bed.

Such thoughts came to my mind while we kissed each other with Wednesday. But when I opened my eyes I saw that I was sitting in front of Wednesday in lotus position. As I expected miracle didn’t happen. Our kiss interrupted our meditation.

- Well, - said Wednesday, wiping anointed lipstick from the lips. - Lets do it another way.

I wonderingly looked at her >>

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LifeGame 2939

When our heads reached the same level she twined arms round my head and cuddled her lips to my lips. I understood that a kiss wouldn’t work but I couldn’t reject the temptation to receive a kiss from that very young Christina Richy and I answered her.

It continued only a moment and for that time I blinked only once >>

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LifeGame 2940

- Usually the game is over after you’ll reach the end of a game. But in this game it won’t happen because there are many games with an endless scenario of development. SIMS-4 game is from this type.

- What should happen with you and all of us when the game will be over?

- With you? I don’t know, I should get home or to be in my bed or somewhere else.

- In the bed? It mean that you’re asleep now?

- Yes, something like this. I’m sleeping and see a dream in a dream. You see what nightmares followed me, - smiled I.

- If it’s a dream, - said Wednesday,- Then to fight with it we should by using well known methods.

She came to me and asked me with a sign to bend down.

And I bend down to her >>

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LifeGame 2941

- Well, how can we do it?

- I think, first of all I need to leave this game.

- OK, leave it.

- I remembered the list of cheat cods for SIMS, but among them there wasn’t any code that helped to leave the game. There was the code to restart SIMS but I was sure that it wouldn’t help. Plus I couldn’t die because Vika disabled ability to die of Sims. She typed in the console: Deathe.toggle.

- Well, Do you know any options for leaving the game?

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LifeGame 2942

When I looked into one of the holes I saw very familiar name - it was the game “Heroes of Might and Magic-3”.

Vika was a specialist in SIMS game and I spent so much time playing “Heroes of Might” that I became an export in that game.

I wanted so much to move from this girlish kingdom into real game where I could use my strategic abilities.

- Wednesday, I understood what we need! We have to start another CD, - I said and pointed to the shining surface >>

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LifeGame 2943

Wednesday began to laugh, - you’re talking about that funny cat that merged with the Thing?

- Exactly. It’s owner knows the game very good and she knows cheat codes for this game. These are special spells that allow to play in it with the most comfort.

- Well, I think I’ve found it, - Wednesday pointed to one of CD that differs from the rest with its brightness.

I looked at the surface of it and didn’t see anything except my own reflection. Then I looked through the hole in the CD.

I saw a stream of falling down symbols as a waterfall. It looked like chains of orders which were executed by the processor and from time to time I could see logo of the game between all of this.

I see. It’s really SIMS game, it’s interesting and what is in other CDs? I began to look through other holes. But they weren’t working and through their holes I could see only the names of the programs that were written on them.

I have to try to start another game >>

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LifeGame 2944

When I looked more attentively at the mirrors I understood that their appearance was changed by influence of my thoughts.

- Listen, Wednesday, I know what it is and what to do with it. Just recently I’ve had the whole box of those circles with the hole in the middle. These are CD where was written different information and now one of the CD is spinning. That is CD where was burned SIMS-4 game. And please, don’t touch the surface of disk, they’re very gentle.

- I understand, - said Wednesday, - And what about CD that is spinning right now? What is it?

- This is a computer game. I’ve got into it when I followed after one shameful animal.

And I began to study very carefully the surface of CDs >>

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LifeGame 2945

The same time Wednesday told me about rules of meditation and trance that she used for talking with spirits.

It was only for me the state of trance looked as book’s covers. She saw a huge wall that was full of mirrors with enters in the center.

She offered me to show everything that I could see with my own eyes. For that purpose we had to hold our hands. I gave her my hands and we sat down in the position for mediation. We closed our eyes and in a some minutes I heard her voice and then I saw a hand in the darkness and she pulled me behind herself. And I followed her >>

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LifeGame 2946

Everyone turned their heads to the sound, and Janet even began to laugh. - Poor bird, you didn’t expect that evil destiny would change your color from black into white?

Possibly, Janet thought that the crow as well as the angel was decolored by the power that was enclosed by the necromagams into Nevo's body. But the bird didn’t share her suspicions. Suddenly it flew down and sat down on a flag stone.

Remember what Oracle told you! - gnashed the bird looking at Nevo with one eye.

Then the bird flapped the wings and flew after the angel…

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LifeGame 2947

This page is continuation of the fanfic Nevo and the Necronomicon and the same time it’s the next page of the comic LIFE CROWD. So, if you got here by one of the branches of unravelling of the plot, I recommend you to learn the other branch as well.

Let’s continue. That time when I turned out to be far from the fortress with the book, that what was happening inside of the fortress.

The angel that turned white began to speak with nice woman voice: - I’m a keeper of the book of dead. I was chosen by the will of destiny.

And where is your book? - Asked Nevo.

It was stolen. But I have connection with and it allows me feel the direction where is the Necronomicon now. And I’ll follow after it.

The angel spread her wings and headed for the door. Nevo and Janet made way for her. While the angel was passing between them her body as a magnet began to drain the power from both of them and it was like needles of lightning with cracks of discharges was stretching from Nevo and Janet to the wings of the angel.

But it didn’t disturb them. When the wings soaked up the energy they began to glow and grow. The angel hastened to leave trying to avoid to be stuck in the room with her increased wings. And the rest stayed inside looking with confusion to each other.

And suddenly they heard crow from above. Look up >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2948

A big white crow looked at me from above. It was so unexpected that I asked it: - Are you the Thing?

The crow immovably croaked, - Yes!

And madly turned around its head, added, - They’re coming! Run away!

This time Wednesday succeeded to connect with the grandmother. I understood it because suddenly in the centre of the room it appeared a hole on the floor. When I looked in it I saw Adams’ faces looked into the hole as if it was a well. The first thing I put the Necronomicon into the appeared pass then Wednesday, Pugsley and I made a step there. The last one was Lurch. When Lurch got out of the kettle after him followed the crow. Then something horrible has happened. Suddenly an awful howl was heard from the side that we just left. The grandmother began to stir fast a slumgullion trying to close the pass. But the noise grew louder and louder and soon it became unbearable. I closed my ears >>

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LifeGame 2949

I gave a pluck at the door ring and closed the door. While the warriors didn’t come to themselves, we had to disappear from the fortress as soon as possible. Our plan to use the help of Adam’s grandma through Wednesday broke down. We could try to do that again but we're pressed for time. That was why I showed to Lurch to hold the door. And asked Wednesday to try again her attempt to connect with the grandmother. As only Wednesday nodded in response and sat down on the floor, we hear that something rustled over our heads. I automatically rose my head up >>

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LifeGame 2950

I closed my eyes and relaxed. I saw many doors around me. Every door looked as a book cover, one of the doors was opened a little bit and the day light went through the chink. I determinately opened the door and saw Wednesday. Behind the door was regular field and in a distance was seen the forest where was a little pond. On the beach of the pond was the wolf and the tiger and in water were swimming two people.
Wednesday like a fly in the spider web was knocking against an invisible obstacle. It looked like her body sticked to a membrane which separated two spaces, and she couldn’t come back or go forward. That was why I decided not to risk trying to go through the obstacle and dragged her back.
I caught hold of her by the waist and jerked her towards myself from all my might.
In consequence of that we turned somersaults on the stony floor of the room but everyone in their own side.
When Wednesday opened her eyes she said that we needed to get away from there as soon as possible. Those two people who swam in the lake soon would come back to the castle. They were that strength that destroyed all the undead in the castle.
If they come closer to anyone of us then we would turn into ash.
- Well, - said I, - Did you learn how we can take the book?
Wednesday only shake her head.
- Those people are coming back and we’ll need to fight with them. We have to do something. I suggest to throw away the lid from the sarcophagus and when the book fall from it we can take the book and disappear.
Because we didn’t have another plan all of us looked at Lurch who continued to hold the door.
- Pugsley, take Lurch’s place, - said Wednesday.
All of us grabbed hold of the stony lid of the sarcophagus and trying to move and throw the lid on the floor. Due to the strength of Lurch the huge stony plate slowly slid aside. Under it was a naked girl in chains and black feathers. Her skin was grey, her eyes were closed and her arms were pierced by metal thorns through those wounds her blood went to pentagram and fed the spell.
- This is a fallen angel, - said Wednesday. - Nobody can kill her, that is why sacrificers used this type of saving the book of dead. Now when the blood of the angel doesn’t feed the spell anymore we can take the book. The main thing to run away before the angel will wake up. Otherwise we won’t escape, she’ll protect the book from anyone who try to encroach on it.
- What are we waiting for? - asked I.
- Just a second, - answered Wednesday and went to Pugsley.
- She strapped down a T-shirt from him and threw it to me.
- When I say to throw the T-shirt to the pentagram do it at once.
Behind the door we heard active movements. The soldiers came and began to poke the door with something metal.
- Throw it, - ordered Wednesday. And I threw.
The T-shirt immediately burst into flames, the fire of the pentagram broke forth out of it and made way to the door which was hold by Pugsley. Wednesday sharply hit her brother in the abdominal brain, after that he bent down and quitted hold of the door.
Roaring flame broke forth through the opened door and scattered the soldiers who were behind it.
While the spell attacked others, I took Necronomicon and rushed to the door>>

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LifeGame 2951

- Wednesday sat down on the floor and rolled her eyes.
- This is the way she communicate with spirits, - said Pugsley.
- I stood for five minutes in silence watching the girl, she was sitting motionlessly.
- After that I said to Pugsley, - Is she going to sit like this for a long time? We can be found here soon, we need to do something.
From time to time I heard arguing between people from outside. It seemed as if they're splitting the trophies. They could enter the room any moment. It was heard that someone passed the door dinging with the keys.
Lurch, close the key hole and hold the door that nobody can enter! - I ordered.
Fortunately an oak door could be opened only to the outside and when they would decide to get inside it was hard to knock it out. Lurch seized the ring and began to pull it towards himself.
The same moment we heard the dinging of the keys and clear sound of unlocking door. The lock was unlocked but the door couldn’t be opened because Lurch was holding it. From other side of the door people decided that the door still locked.
Someone discussed that it’s impossible to see through the key hole and they need to call for help to break the door.
Wednesday was still in trance. I didn’t know what to do. I began to think about falling into trance and soon it happened. I sat down on the floor in front of Wednesday and rolled my eyes >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2952

We got into a dark stony room with little grilled window. To leave the room was possible only through the door. It had stony walls, stony floor and ceiling. There were no decorations, not furniture. In the middle of the room in a stony sarcophagus in the center of bloody pentagram was Necronomicon. The pentagram gleamed with faint light.
 - The book is under a protection, - said Wednesday and took a stone from the floor and threw it into the book. Sudden explosion evaporated the stone and faint light of the pentagram turned into a buzzing glow. Wednesday looked for something else to throw into the book but couldn’t find anything and she asked Pugsley to give her his boot.
Pugsley didn’t feel like but took off boots and gave her his boots. Wednesday threw one boot into the fire of pentagram where it evaporated immediately, but that time the flame broke away from the pentagram and followed after the owner of the boots. Pugsley began to rushed in the room fueled by flame and Wednesday that time pushed the book from the pentagram with another boot. I almost catch it. But in a next moment the book and fire came back to their place.
Now it was Lurch’s turn. Suddenly he seized the end of marble plate where was Necronomicon and rose it slightly. The plate was a lid of stony sarcophagus, and it seemed to me that somebody alive was inside.
I showed the sighn to Lurch that he needed to put the lid back. Someone who succeeded to stay alive in that imprisonment could be stronger obstacle than the flame of the pentagram.
- We need help of your grandma, - I said and looked at Wednesday >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2953

And the same time the raven shuddered, raised feathers, cawked something to the tiger and wolf and jumped into the kettle. The animals followed the bird and they disappeared without sound and splash in the kettle as if they fell into open hatch. Gomes looked into the kettle, squinted one eye and smiled.

Then Gomes looked at me and said that I have to do the most difficult job. Lurch, Wednesday and Pugsley should be my helpers. We have to steal Necronomicon before people find it. I’ve heard the instruction, helplessly sighed and turned to the kettle where the grandmother tried to tune to the place where was the book.

In a minute we jumped into the kettle. Lurch stepped into the kettle first then the children jumped. He caught them in the air and put on the floor. I jumped down after them. The lid of the kettle closed after me immediately>>

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LifeGame 2954

Lurch gave them animal skins: Gurohide received skin of tiger and Vika put on herself the skin of wolf. As soon as the girls stood on their knees and arms under the skins, the grandmother sprinkled them from the kettle and sang a spell. It was heard a hissing sound and acrid evaporation began to fall down. I heard the groaning of the girls that changed into growling.

In a moment I saw two big animals, that looked at each other. Then I heard cat’s hissing under wolf’s paws. After that Vika’s cat leaped out from underneath of the wolf paws. All that time the cat was phlegmatically sitting on the girl's hands till her hands turned into paws. The cat jerked with hissing to the corner and the big white wolf slowly followed after her. The Thing darted as lightning to save the cat and the grandmother threw a ladle into the cat and the Thing without thinking.

The grandmother didn’t miss a shot. From the corner where was the cat it was heard hissing that turned into croaking. The Thing and the cat disappeared and instead of them appeared white raven with red eyes.

The Thing? - pitifully said Wednesday. The raven began to croak and slowly its croaking turned into clear “Yes”!
I began attentively to study the bird >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2955

To fight with the reborn warrior was useless and inside of the body of vampire it was even dangerous. If I come closer to the warrior my body would be burnt as well as all other lifeless beings in the fortress.

The green old man whom I saw in the kettle was an ancient elf - Oracle, who knew how to save the world from destruction.

The animals skins were protection from the contact with warrior and his companion.

At first I thought that Gomes will use his children, Wednesday and Pugsley, for the trick with skins, but instead my two friends decided to turn into animals.

I looked at the girls when they put on the animals skins with unveiled astonishment >>

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LifeGame 2956

Deformed face as the face of an old man with features as long as a fiddle looked at me from the kettle. The one glance of it was enough to know about what had happened in the fortress and what all of us have to do to save the situation. Gomes also looked into the kettle and after that he left and in a minute he came back with two white fells which Lurch was carrying in front of him on stretched hands. I recognized the skin of wolf and tiger.
Fire destoyed all lifeless organics and in that fire disappeared necromancers. The situation was very serious. The gobbling fire settled into the body of a warrior and it destroyed all undead in the fortress. The fire continue to grow and acquire power while it is swallowing up lifeless organics, it takes away food and energy of regeneration that will bring to the destruction of all living things on the planet.
I felt a little shiver >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2957

As soon as Lurch closed the door after the last zombi, Gomes continued: - The situation with fortress Stillness wasn’t be so alarming if not the book of dead “Necronomicon” that is hidden behind the walls of it.
The magic book has been keeping in the fortress for a long time and it was fed with the blood of an immortal angel, that was trapped in the marble sarcophagus. But after the fortress was captured, we have to save the book at any price. It mustn’t get into hands of mortals.
 - Marticia! - turned Gomes to his wife, - Now we need a help of magic.
 - Then I’ll go to the grandmother, to the room of predictions! - said Marticia and left.
Gomes continued to talk about his plan how to overcome unseen enemy.
Marticia came back in half an hour and invited all of us to the grandmother.
In the secret room of the witch was dark and frowsy, heavy evaporations from the boiling kettle in the middle of the room were spreading along the floor. The grandmother crooked smiled while she was looking into the kettle.
I carefully looked into the kettle >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2958

- Lurch, let them in! - Gomes ordered. And everybody turned their heads to the door. The door was opened and Lurch came backward because zombis were pressing on him from all sides. They were walking with grunting and idiotic smiles.

I stared at Gomes. He looked at watch and noticed, - they came according to the time schedule, I don’t understand how they do it. Then Gomes looked at Morticia.

She smiled back at him, - They’re cuteys, aren’t they?

By that time zombis filled the hall. It was a big number of them and they continued to come.

- I think, we’ll have to combine several rooms that we have enough place for all of them, - said Uncle Fester.

He spread the screen with happy smile.

- Thing! Wind up the zombibox, - ordered Comes and everybody stared at the screen in expectation.

The Thing (a lonely right hand) showed the thumb to Gomes and jumped on the bedside table and began fast and slick to set a cine-projector.

When everything was ready, the light was turned off in the room and credits of the soap opera called “Tears of demons or The Catcher in the Rye” appeared on the screen.

It was restored according to a letter writing of demons.

I watched many soap operas in my life, a theme in them usually develops very slow and according to the law of the genre, at the end of every new series everything comes to the beginning circumstances. It looked as if the authors of this serial didn’t step away from the canon and it was saved only by the remarkable acting.
But soon the film finished though the Thing tried to spin a handle slower at the end. The light was turned on and zombi with sparrow-blasted faces began slowly to disperse. Now it was clear what hold them close to the castle.
I looked again to Gomes >>

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LifeGame 2959

We came into the hall where were gathered all members of Addams family. The chairman was Gomes himself. - Welcome to our modest dwelling, dear guests, - he said and made a theatrical gesture. I sent invitations to all vampires in our region, you came earlier than others. I don’t think we have to wait others because our matter brooks no delay. Look here! - Gomes bent over the table where was a map.

- Two days ago the express messenger from the fortress Stillness came to us and reported that the fortress was beleaguered. I knew about strength of dark forces that were inside of the fortress and I didn’t pay attention to that news but today one of quibus pythonicus that dwelled in the castle sent me a message that the fortress fell and all dark forces were scuttled by a bellator excitatus - awaken warrior.

Suddenly the Gomes’ story was interrupted by the monotonous knocking at the door>>

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LifeGame 2960

It was funny that the castle inside looked familiar. Somewhere played joyful music and we turned there without ruminating.

My companions and I entered the room where a little girl was teaching a lanky man to dance “Shake dance”. They didn't pay any attention to us. When I saw that funny company I immediately remember where I saw them and their exquisite castle. It was movie from my childhood “Addams Family”. I was staring at dancing Wednesday and all feelings of trouble and fear disappeared. I stood smiling there and was delighted from the view of dancing pair. Eventually Lurch learnt how to dance but Ms Addams came and asked Wednesday to turn off the gramophone. The music stopped but it didn’t stop Lurch. That was why Morticia (Ms Addams) looked at us and beckoned us over with hand. She went to another hall and we followed her >>
(Original на русском)

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LifeGame 2961

Speaking the truth, I was afraid of their smiles. But I decided to take the situation in my own hands and took both of them under their arms. They cheerfully hung on my arms and I went to central entrance of the castle escorted by that company.

How could I explain to those two unusual women that I rushed there only because I tried to escape from them.

It was a inner bailey. It was crowded behind the gates. As soon as we entered the gates we felt that hundreds of eyes gazed at us. When I saw their pale faces I thought that they looked strange.

Suddenly Gurohide shrank her nose, - They are all zombi! It’s interesting where did they come from in such number?

It seemed that zombi didn’t think that we’re good as a food for them and that idea warmed a little bit my cold flesh.

We passed by wandered without purpose zombi and went to the central entrance of the castle. A huge oak door had rings which were put into chaps of iron lions. Both girls put their hands into the rings and opened the door in front of me.

I made a step inside and looked around >>

Read the story from the beginning, make one step back.

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LifeCrowd 2962

I ran very fast but those two girls relentlessly followed me. I heard their wicked shoutings but I didn’t hear the sound of their steps. It was an echo of only my steps. I understood that while I was running they were flying.

I remembered that Vika used cheat codes, probably that was how they’ve got ability to fly. I concentrated and began to think what other codes were there in the game.

Teleport me there! - I pointed to a rising dark tower far off and again repeated the spell, - Teleport me there!

Immediately the picture around me faded away and I landed in front of a black castle surrounded by huge statues of chimeras with burning torches in their paws.

I quickly turned around and found out that my pursuers were already there. But I remembered that there were other codes in the game, I pointed to the girls and shouted, - Make clean! - Both girls lost their bronze lustre but they didn’t lose their desire to kill me that was why I yelled the next spell, - Modifyrelationship 100! Probably it wasn’t good idea to change the scale of relationship to 100% of romance with both of girls but their aggression immediately stopped. The girls began to smile and I smiled back >>
(Original на русском)

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