LifeGame 2972

I poured out water into a cezve and add coffee. My hands were still shaking. I won’t recover soon from such shock. But from other side everything that happens with you is your life. The rest is just empty and absurd glimpse of days in the calendar. Emotions in this world are the only thing for what we should pay. I remembered that I had that thought before. The last time when that thought visited me when I read an utopian book of Viktor Pelevin “Love to three tsukerbrin”. The main hero paid for everything with his sufferings as with currency. There I felt something like that but what would be a prize for that? Life or game?
It’s cool to play when your own life is the prize in the game. Now I’ll have a cup of coffee, change my clothes and again will begin to play. Maybe now we will choose more fast-paced game. The coffee was ready.
Remove coffee from the cooker >>
(Original на русском)

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