LifeGame 2971

To read the story from the beginning, come back to the fork or one step back.
I really decided to dedicate myself to games. They are interesting, they educate, games are interactive stories where you became the main hero.
Games is my main thing!
I poured coffee into a cup and enjoying the aroma of it went to the room where Gurohide was waiting for me.
- I decided to play another game with you but now I’ll tell you what you do, are you agree? - The girl smiled and nodded.
- What are we going to play in?
- I offer to try the game “Mirrors Edge”. This is the dynamic game and it tells about the world of parkour and the most important thing the main character is a girl. Will you be that girl?
- Yes, let’s download the game and we’ll see your world of parkour, - she answered.
- I moved the tag of the game closer to her and she caught it. The music began to play and the game started.

Oh… It was really cool. I didn’t noticed how time flew. When I finished the game I had such feeling that I could go to the balcony and ran on the roofs far away.
- Thank you for the game. It was very cool. Let’s repeat it tomorrow? - I told to the girl.
- Thank you, it was really great and special gratitude to you that I wasn’t killed too often in the game. - She answered. - You want to repeat? OK, but this time I’ll tell you what to do.
I smiled, wished “Good night” to Gurohide and went to bed.
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(Original на русском) 

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