LifeGame 2969

Before I opened eyes I understood that someone was there. It’s interesting, if I would lay on the bed with closed eyes what would happened? The next thing I heard helped me to wake up immediately. It was cat’s purr. A cat was sitting close to my head. She was shifting from one foot to the other and the same time she was digging her nails into my pillow and looking attentively at me. Her look was so attentive, I thought that she admired me. I stretched my hand to her but she hissed and jumped on the floor. I stood up and followed her.
- How interesting. It means that in our world you walk as a cat? - I addressed to the animal.
Suddenly I heard the door bell. I put on my clothes and went to open the door.
It was a 15 years old girl at the door.
- Hello, our cat has jumped to you balcony and we are your neighbors from upper floor. She fell down from the parapet but she succeeded to jump to you.
- Come in and you can go to catch your cat. We’ve got acquainted with her already. I think she is in the kitchen. The girl furtively went to the kitchen, but when the cat saw her she tensed up and rushed to the room.
- It seems that your cat doesn't love you if she decided to jump from the balcony. What did you do to her?
- I didn’t do anything to her, we just played together but she doesn’t like to be dressed and I wanted her to become a proper pussy cat.
- I see, you like attires?
- I’m a girl and as all girls I like dresses, dolls and other such things. We had a nice conversation and during that time we chased the cat from the room to the kitchen and from the kitchen to the room. But we’re not very good strategists because the cat was slipping from our opened hands all the time.

- Do you know what? - suddenly said the girl. - Do you have sausage?
- It should be in the fridge.
- Then make a sandwich for me.
- OK. Then let’s go to the kitchen. What is your name, by the way?
- Vika.
- Viktoria means victory. With such name we for sure will catch your cat.

I pushed the button on the kettle and opened the fridge.
You didn’t understand me right. Elza, my cat can’t stand when I eat something, she immediately comes and begins to ask the food. This is how I’m going to catch her.
Well, Vika, and my name’s Anonimus, because we began to talk about food I want to offer you tea with sandwiches for our acquaintance. Are you agree?
I’m absolutely for it, - the girl smiled at me and sat down at the table.
I prepared tea, sandwiches and we sat down to drink tea. Vika pointedly bit her sandwich and called the cat. But Elza didn’t want to show up. I offered the girl to go to the room to be closer to the cat and we took a plate with sandwiches and cups with tea went there.
How could I forget the mystery of my dark corridor? Sure it was not one sandwich got through it.
- Interesting things are happening here, - said Vika. - Maybe you can show tricks? Where are the sandwiches from the plate?
- What can I answer you? I better show you.
I turned on the laptop. Vika was finishing the last sandwich which survived because it was in her hands. The cat was under the bed and I went to the kitchen. I didn’t want to lose relationship with Gurohide that is why I went to prepare tea for her.
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(Original на русском)

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