LifeGame 2968

Water began to boil. I made some more sandwiches and prepared tea for Gurohide and put everything on the tray and went to the room. Viktoria didn’t waste her time. She found a game SIMS-4 from somewhere and changed clothes on Curohide.
- What’s wrong here, I don’t understand? You have a strange version of this game. I know several dozens of additions of the game: Night clubs; Celebrities; Jacuzzi; Vehicles; Vampires; Animals; University; Supermodels; Times of year; Magic; Karaoke; Amusement parks; Cemeteries; New Year; Aquapark; Sport and others, but this version doesn’t look like any of those.
- I’ve noticed that Gurohide shifted from one foot to the other and angrily looked at me when Vika undress her and left her in the underwear.

- I think I understood, - I said to myself.
- Did you understand, really? - said Viktoria to me. - And what is the name of this version?
- You know this version is not ready yet, I think you shouldn’t set going the program, it will malfunction.
- Wait a little bit, I spent so much time to create a good character. Look here! I made a real vampire. I think that this game is a upgraded variant of Twilight, Vampires or Cemetery.

I could only smile.
Viktoria started the game and announced that now she will show me how Vampires bite people.
- No-no-no! Don’t do this! Please! - I begged her, but the girl was stubborn. She sent Gurohide to the center of the town to go people hunting, then she said that she needed more money and she pressed on keyboard Ctrl+Shift+C

The console for inputting codes appeared on the screen, and Vika began to add one code after another:
• FreeRealEstate on - this is a cheat code that help you to have all houses for free;
• motherlode - add 50 000 simoleons to the family wallet;
• kaching - add 1000 simoleons to the family wallet;
• testingcheats true - code of designer;
• cas.fulleditmode - if you input tesingcheats true and after that cas.fulleditmode then the secret abilities of CAS are starting to work.

- Now we can do with her anything we like. She will be rich, happy and her career will go up. - Viktoria was glad, she took tea and sandwich that I prepared for Gurohide and filled the mouth with it she smiled.

In that moment her cat Elza was tempted by the sandwich. Elza didn’t want to be caught that is why she tried to pull out it from the girl’s hand. She jumped up, but she didn’t count the length right and she flew to the monitor. The girl stretched after her and they both were drawn into that crazy illuminated box.
In the moment I saw the girl with the cat in her hands near Gurohide. In a second Gurohide stroke her teeth into the girl’s throat. The blood ran from her throat and painted her dress with red stripes. I didn’t have other options I had to save the girl.
Stretch the hand to the monitor >>
(Original на русском)

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