LifeGame 2967

Everything swam around me and I appeared in front of Gurohide, Vika and her cat. When Gurohide noticed the sight of me, she immediately pushed away the girl and in one jump she overpassed the length that was between us.I understood that according to the scenario all of us had to become vampires, that was why I didn’t fight and just bend my head for a bite.
The bite was quite painful, in a next moment I felt dizzy and my conscience left me.
When I came back to my mind and opened my eyes, I noticed that it was dark around me and the air was frowsy.
I tried to stand up but it wasn't easy to do. I was surrounded by the walls upholstered with fabric. When I found out that I guessed that I was in a coffin. I gathered all my strength and opened the top of the coffin.
Open the top of the coffin >>
(Original на русском)

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