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The folding screen was the object that was completely bereaved of parameters for manipulation. I’ve tried to move it, but I hadn’t any success. I’ve clicked on it with different buttons of the mouse but that also hasn’t given any results. I’ve asked the girl to take it away.
And by the way, how should I call you? I’m tired of calling you “hey”.
Call me, Gurohide, - answered the girl, and the folding screen has disappeared, - And how should I call you?
I’m Anonymous.
Fine, what about tea? We can celebrate our acquaintance.
We can drink tea, but I prefer coffee. What do you think about coffee?
You, Anonymous, are as a dealer. You start with coffee and will finish with heroin? I’ll drink only tea!
OK, if you want tea we’ll have tea. - After that I went to the kitchen. I’ve poured water only for two cups into the electrical kettle and after some minutes I’ve heard distinctive click.
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(Original на русском)

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