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- OK! - said I and sat down in front of Gurohide. - Tell me how do you do this or I’ll go mad. I can understand all kinds of magic but this is really some kind of devilry. I have to know everything about it for sure. You’re sitting on the screen and drinking tea with cookies, I don’t know how they’ve got there. And everything has been drawn with the pencil. On my side I don’t see neither tea nor cookies. And everything looks real. How do you do this?
- The girl looked satisfied, boldly grinning and she continued to eat cookies with tea.
- Well, I’ll tell you everything, but you listen and don’t interrupt me. Later you may ask your questions.
- The problem is that real here only I, and you are part me myself. You are my subconscious. Nobody can communicate with their subconscious but I’ve learnt how to do this. People are sure that subconscious is special mechanism that works completely independently and it’s very difficult to influence it. We can only send tasks to our subconscious and to receive finished results without thinking who is really solving the problem, who is looking for information inside of you. To whom we send these tasks and how we get the answers. It’s you who should tell me how everything is organized and not I.
- Do you remember once I’ve read a book by William Atkinson “Memory: How to Develop, Train and Use It”? It’s very old book, Atkinson lived on the edge of two centuries (1862-1932). In the book he calls the subconscious as preconsciousness and also an inner worker. And I’ve imagined you, the way you’re working, fulfilling my commands and even not knowing why and for whom you’re doing this.
- Go on with you! I’ve changed my mind. I’ll find answer myself. And don’t pretend that you have here the main role. - I thought a little bit and didn’t find anything better turned off the computer.
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(Original на русском)

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