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I closed the laptop and jumped under the blanket.
Suddenly the book of this Welliam Atkinson appeared in my hand. It was the same book about controlling a memory: “Memory: How to develop”. I touched the cover of the book and the name changed to “The Law of Attraction”. I touched the book again and the name on the cover became “Thought Force in Business and Everyday Life”.
How easy I can get access to all knowledges that were accumulated by people during the whole history of their existence! And if I imagine that I exist only as servant of her subconscious then my job is only consists of looking for information, analyzing it, and comparison of facts and results. After that I saw my place of work from different perspective.
The skyscraper where I worked, resembled a huge library, which has been building all this time. I remember when I moved to the office there weren’t even basement of two other buildings. That time my laptop was tooled up with a standard winchester for 150 Gbyte. Then they began to construct other building. I remember that awful noise of driving in a pile into the ground, at the same time I decided to upgrade my computer and to change slow winchester to a new one, tooled up with SSD memory.
The memory of laptop declined to 96 Gbyte but its capacity was compensated for external winchester. Later I threw away out of date CD-ROM and on its place I put one more disk. At the same time constructors behind my windows began filling the foundation of another building of my library.
That is how it works…
It’s not me who noticed and compared information. The information was gathering around me. And everything, absolutely everything was happened according to her will but not according to her desire. It seems that she had a passion for Yoga that is why I’ve got those books written by Atkinson.
Have I just thought about him the same moment several books written about Yoga fell on my head. It was “Gnani Yoga”, “The Hindu-Yogi Science Of Breath”, “The Inner Teachings of the Philosophies and Religions of India”.
I wanted to look to the world through her eyes. I began to meditate and made a movement in the air that I’ve seen in one anime - Sword Art Online.
I’ve moved my hand from up to down and imagined in front of me a game menu. And it has appeared! In front of me I saw a table of abilities, knowledges, actions and other. I’ve remembered that she had such menu in our first meetings.
I decided to do experiment, I’ve chosen item “Clothes” and found a sub-item “Undress” and pushed the button.
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