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Suddenly it has become dark and silent, but I still felt my body or it was no my body? I’ve noticed long ago that it's not only hard to feel your arms, legs but also to determine in which state is your body when your eyes are closed and silence around you. But as soon as you made the first movement of your body everything comes to its place. I’ve opened my eyes and looked around with her eyes.
Gurohide closed her eyes again and slowly soundlessly whispered in my head, - Hello!
I don’t know what was the feeling I experienced after her greeting and I wasn’t sure I had that feeling or she. It was warm wave that was moving from the top of my head and down my back. It was so nice that I wanted to sit and catch wave after wave.
 - What are you doing? - she whispered again and from her voice I had goose bumps.
 - I tried to answer her but I couldn’t control her body and I didn’t know how to answer. I was sitting, looking into darkness and listening to silence. She was in earphones, but she wasn’t listening to the music. The earphones created silence around her, they were active sound-absorbing earphones. She was sitting with closed eyes and looking inside herself where I was.
 - I decided to greet her in my thoughts the same way as she did. I whispered greeting inside of my consciousness.
 -  Hi >>
(Original на русском)

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