LifeCrowd 2979

- Why did you turn off computer? - she whispered and laughed in respond.
After that I was thrown back to my room. I looked around the room. Nothing had changed there. I stayed for some time in the bed then I turned on computer and went to the kitchen to make a coffee.
When I came back I saw the girl again. This time she had album in her hands and she was drawing something.
 - What are you doing? - I asked her.
 - You won’t believe, I’m drawing scrawls. I’ve read recently that while a person is drawing senseless scrawls he gives himself away. I also want to know the whole truth about myself.
 - Interesting, and when you’re planning to finish your scrawls?
 - I’ve finished already, - she said and tore out the page from the album then she threw paper into the air and it turned into graphics file with extension JPG.

Without thinking I clicked on it with the mouse.
Click >>
(Original на русском)

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