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- You’re right, this is scrawls for sure and according to description of decoding, you’re standing at the edge of important decision, - I told her after studying the picture on the screen.
- I don’t think that my scrawls could mean that I’m going to change my life but I’m planning some changes. I’m bored and I think everything should be different. My life should be bright, vivid, beautiful and interesting.
- The reson of this idea might be that you watch dynamic movies too much.
- Yes, running about, shouting and action. By the way, it’s very good selection. I’ve watched part of those movies and another part I’m going to watch later. How did you learn about them, you’re only part of me?
- I think, you probably saw that list of movies somewhere, and I remembered it as your subconscious and you forgot about it.
- My weak memory, do you think I need to train it?
- I think both of us need to train memory. Let’s practice in learning poems. The first month you’ll learn by one line every day then we grow the quantity. We’ll start our practice with Alexandr Blok - “Night, streets, the lantern”. Do you remember it ?

Night, streets, the lantern, the drugstore,
The meaningless and dusky light.
A quarter of the century more --
All fall the same into your sight!

You died – as it was before –
You have the former way to start:
The streets, the lantern, the drugstore,
Swell of the canal in the night.
(translated by Yevgeny Bonver)

- Yes, beautiful poem, but I’ve known it already. Let’s learn something else.
- Ok, what about this one?

They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead,
A passing shower will water the ground.

From then on, we’ll seek nothing at all,
Waking up from a dream, we will reason:
If it’s quiet outside – it’s the fall,
If it’s turbulent – spring is in season.

It’s so nice that our drowsy sensations
Won’t troubled by grief and delight,
Separation and love’s complications
Cannot break, through the coffin, inside.

It’s so homely, we’ve found what we sought;
Here, one day, we may just comprehend
How a senseless life differs somewhat
From a sensible one for a man.

October 18, 1915

By Alexander Blok
Translation by Andrey Kneller

- It’s humorless, don’t you think?
- I think dark humour is our credo. Do you remember the phrase from the movie “9 Yards”, where Bruce Willis said that according to statistic the highest addiction to suicide is among dentists?
- No, I don’t remember this movie.
- It’s excellent dynamic comedy! You need to watch it. And this statistic is really exist. The first research was in 1933 and later in 1960 the results confirmed it again. According to some data the biggest percentage of suicides are among doctors in general. If you’re curious you can check the information in english here. In the article is written that the largest amount of suicides are among pharmacologist.
But I don’t think that percentage of suicides of dentists is higher than other doctors. The author of the article mentioned that the reason of it is hard work and fear of visitors.
Are you pranking me because I’ve chosen this profession, aren’t you?
Don’t be angry with me, the drop of black humor will not change your gray sad everyday life. Let’s begin to work! Learn poems and paint peace in bright colors. And first line: “They will bury us deep, once we’re dead”. Remember, close your eyes and repeat.
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(Original на русском)

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