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Then I began to learn another poem. I’ve closed my eyes and
the image of night street and faint light of a lantern came to my mind, at the end of the street hardly gleaming the window and the sign on the house was impossible to read. It was dark and quiet. A dog has barked from somewhere behind. A wind began to blow and it brought a rotten smell. A woman limping and vulgar laughing came out of darkness and stopped under the lantern. She was trying to see something at the faint light and she was bringing that thing closer to her eyes. Another woman joined her. They were drunken.
Should I help them? I directed to their side and in a moment I was near them. Both of them were sick! And for a long time! I… I will help them by sharing a poison. In the next moment I was inside of the house with a smoking lamp. There a druggist was sleeping bending double on a sofa. There was no need to bother him. His mixtures were rubbish, lie and poison. But that time I needed only poison…
Empty street. One light was in the window.
Jew druggist was groaning in the dream.

 - Have you imagined a druggist?
 - Br-r-r! Yes, I’ve imagined him very vivid.
 - Look, - Gurohide gave me one more picture. It was a drawing of a hangman, - This is me gift to you in the collection of black pharmaceutic humor!
 - OK, I’ll create such collection, - after those words I created folder on the desktop named “Black pharmaceutic humor”, and put there her drawing. And then clicked it with my mouse. Click >>
(Original на русском)

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