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Folder [Pharmaceutic humor]. Oh! ye-e-e-e! It’s not empty! I was hanging up there for half an hour looking through the pictures and reading different stories and jokes on paramedical themes.
When I finished reading, Gurohide was looking at me very attentively, - Listen, - she told me. - You know what, I entered VK and found out that part of communities to which I was signed were blocked by administration. And there was such words:

Community was blocked for attracting participants with the help of a spam.
Comments of moderator: Community was blocked for advancing with the help of spam-messages.

Without the privity of users from their pages many invitations were sent
to join that community. The extensions, intended to be used for downloading audio and video recordings from our site, were busy with distribution of invitations.
If your friends complain that they’re receiving such invitations from you, please, delete all such extensions and third-party programs from your computer and use antivirus

- What should I do? Should I leave the group or it can be banned out? I enjoyed looking through what was published there and here what had happened.
- Don’t worry, your community will be unblocked. There are 176 756 participants in it. It’s true that most of them were invited by spam but there are some users who are really interested in published information. I know about ten methods which SMO and SMM swindlers use for gathering people in groups but the main thing for them to keep subscribers hold on to the groups. And this is a big deal. For this they publish interesting news, create quizzes and to write comments from behalf of different people to make view of alive communication.

- OK, let’s this dead body hang in the list for a while, if it doesn’t become alive, it will be very sad.
- Don’t feel sorry for this, later I’ll tell you why. And now let’s repeat our exercise. Today we’re learning 3 lines. Two of them you should already remember by heart.
They will bury us deep, once we’re dead,
And the grass will then cover the mound,
And we’ll hear: somewhere high, overhead

- I’ll learn those lines. And what about organizing communities? How to do this?
- Let’s start from how to create, to setup and to form communities in VK. I decided to show everything in example and for this purpose I downloaded a browser, opened site VK and clicked “My groups”. Click >>
(Original на русском)

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